New Ultra Definition Liposuction

Recently we have begun to offer to our patients at the Salzman Institute of Cosmetic Surgery a new method of liposuction that advances the state of the art of simply de-bulking areas of extra fat to actually sculpting out the underlying muscle shapes. It’s called Ultra Definition Liposuction and it entails using the ultrasound of our Vaser to melt the larger areas of fat into smaller particles that can then be removed with a power liposuction device. Some of the fat is saved and processed in such a way as to remove all but the fat cells that would survive the transfer process. Additional bulk can then be added by re-injecting some of this fat to create the surface enhancement of the underlying muscle definition. In men, this commonly would enhance the pectoralis or chest muscle and demonstrate the “6 pack” of the abdominal muscles. By thinning the fatty layer over the chest wall outside of the pectoralis muscle and then adding fat to the top of the muscle a very musculature physique can me created. In women, the same principals are use to define the abdomen, hips and arms.

The time to accomplish this Ultra Definition Liposuction takes longer in the operating room and the healing process can be a little longer as well.

Patients closer to their ideal body weight are the best candidates. Costs are higher than that for traditional liposuction but this new method gives amazingly shaped results.

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