Tattoo Removal Using State-of-the-Art Lasers Returns to Skin Spa by Salzman!

After a 15 year or so hiatus, we have decided to again offer tattoo removal using lasers. We found that the lasers we used many years ago had characteristics that made the process more painful, had more risk of scarring, had more pigment changes and lacked the ability to remove some of the bright colors used today in tattoos. We have purchased the newest lasers available that have very short pulse widths and have three different wavelengths to address even the brightest fluorescent greens, reds and blues. We have found that combining some of the newer numbing creams as well as a cold air blowing machine, that the sensation of the laser treatment can be made much more tolerable than in the past.

We looked at all of the lasers available today and found that those made by Astanza® offered the highest peak powers and shortest on times and the fastest treatment times. Because the spots produced by these two lasers are of the same intensity across all of the spot, hot spots are avoided which can lead to more pain and more complications. Two different lasers are used. A 1064/532 Q switched Yag and a Q switched Ruby provide for our ability to remove most every tattoo color. We have instituted a fee schedule based on size of the tattoo and will offer packages to decrease the overall price.

If you have a tattoo that you regret, no longer like or just want removed, we can help. Fully trained RN’s and aestheticians that have years of experience using multiple laser wavelengths do all tattoo removals. We, at Skin Spa by Salzman, are extremely excited by the potential in delivering state-of-the-art tattoo removal in Louisville, KY.

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