Everything You Need to Know About Botox

As we age, lines and wrinkles can form in our face from constant use of our facial muscles. Every time we smile, frown, laugh, or furrow our brow, our muscles are contracting, which can cause these wrinkles over time. Botox is one of the most popular injectables used to date to temporarily smooth lines and winkles in the face.

Botox is made up of Botulinum Toxin A and works by temporarily interfering with the nerve impulses to the muscles, stopping them from contracting. Although it is popularly used in the face to smooth wrinkles, it can also be used to treat other issues. Those with spastic muscle disorders, imbalanced eye muscles, or suffer from excessive sweating can also benefit from Botox.

During a treatment, the Botox is delivered though a fine needle to the treatment area(s). Numbing cream may be applied if requested, though most patients can tolerate the injections fine without it. Patients can expect to see results in seven to ten days. Wrinkles that are very deep may also need to be treated with fillers to achieve optimal results. There is no downtime associated with Botox injections, so patients can return to everyday activities immediately after treatment.

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