What an Eyelid Lift Can Do for You

The eyes can be one of the first places that aging begins to show. It can come in the form of wrinkles, but it can also manifest in sagging skin and fat as the face begins to lose volume. If your face normally appears angry, sad, or tired, it can sometimes be corrected with rejuvenation around the eyes. This surgical procedure can offer you the following benefits and effectively remove a few years from your facial contour.

Correct Hooded Eyes

Heavy upper eyelids can often be corrected with an eyelid lift or a forehead lift, depending on what’s causing it. An eyelid lift can be most effective on eyes that are naturally hooded or are the result of excess skin below the brow that has lost volume. This lift can create more eyelid space and give the appearance of a wider, younger eyelid crease. Many older women often struggle to wear eye makeup because it can quickly rub off during the constant contact with sagging skin.

Remove Fatty Bags

The lower eyelids and undereye area can be prone to sagging as well during the aging process. The fat and volume that naturally exist under the eye can sink over time, creating bags that are fatty and give the appearance of constant tiredness. This procedure can remove the accumulated fat and restore the undereye to a higher, more awake position.

Widen the Eyes

As aging and gravity take their toll, the eyes can appear heavy, tired, and closed. The overall effect of an eyelid lift is to restore the appearance to one that is alert, awake, and youthful. The effect can be drastic within the rest of the face, especially when coupled with a facelift or other facial procedure to smooth wrinkles and restore volume.

To discuss your eyelid lift and other facial rejuvenation options, contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Salzman.

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