Is EMSCULPT the Answer You’ve Been Waiting For?

The topic of weight loss has been popular for decades. We’ve discussed which diets work and which don’t; what exercises are most effective and which are more like spinning our weight-loss wheels. Ultimately, all this talk has led to two things. The first is overwhelm and confusion. How do we really know which diet is right for us or how we will possibly “lose the weight?” The second is a misconception of what we’re really after in the end, which is to have a body shape that suits us. To improve shape, we’ve got to address muscle tone. To gain muscle, one once had to spend hours in the gym. For those in the Louisville area, muscle toning can take place in our comfortable medspa facility.

EMSCULPT is Changing the Body-Toning Game

It is very satisfying to sit at the forefront of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Our position here provides us with the best opportunity to help our patients truly reach their goals. On the nonsurgical front, we do so with EMSCULPT. This ingenious device does what you would normally do in the gym, only better. While you lie comfortably on the treatment table, the EMSCULPT applicators move your muscles thousands of times more than you could do in several gym sessions.

EMSCULPT is a proven muscle-toning device that works by emitting high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM). This energy passes through the uppermost layers of skin and fatty tissue. It lands in the supramaximal layer of tissue, the muscle. The effect of contact with HIFEM is strong muscle contraction, as if you had performed a squat or abdominal crunch. In one treatment session, the muscle contractions performed under HIFEM energy equates to thousands of exercises. As a side effect of rapid, consistent contractions deep in the muscle, fat cells can also be destroyed.

What to Expect from EMSCULPT

The old adage about getting fit, “no pain, no gain,” does not apply to EMSCULPT treatments. Even with the intense muscle tightening that takes place, treatment is quite comfortable. At first, the effects of HIFEM on the muscle can feel strange. However, patients do not report the sensations as painful. What we do prepare patients to expect is post-treatment soreness. After all, they just went through a pretty strenuous workout.

Are you tired of working so hard to get the body you want? Does the idea of up to 16% more muscle mass sound good? We think so. To learn more about EMSCULPT, schedule a consultation at our Louisville office. Call 502-425-5200 for friendly service.

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