ThermiRase is Raising the Bar on Frown Line Treatment

Frown lines can dramatically alter the face. Usually, we only frown when we want to. However, with the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin come permanent lines. Over time, the lines that form when we make certain facial expressions don’t go away as they once did. To resolve them, many people turn to Botox. Injections of a neuromodulator like Botox smooth lines by relaxing the muscle contractions that cause them. As effective as this technique is, it is only natural for people to want more options. In our Louisville office, that option is ThermiRase.

What is ThermiRase?

There are a few different modalities on the Thermi radiofrequency (RF) platform. Each targets specific aspects of the skin for noticeable rejuvenation. ThermiRase is the RF technology that has been developed solely for the eyebrow area.

The way that this treatment works, versus other radiofrequency techniques, is by disrupting nerve function. During a visit, the nerves that are responsible for causing frown lines are mapped and marked. After administering a local anesthetic beneath the skin, our expert provider uses a small handpiece to deliver radiofrequency energy to these nerves. This energy increases the temperature of the nerves over 150 degrees Fahrenheit, a point at which controlled nerve damage occurs. As a result of this minor damage, the nerve is incapacitated for up 18 months.

How ThermiRase Stands Out

As popular as Botox has been for the past 10-plus years, it isn’t right for everyone. New energy-based treatments are proving to be safe, effective, and valuable in terms of lasting results. As a radiofrequency treatment, ThermiRase may be confused for an average skin-tightening technique. It’s not that at all. Other RF devices improve skin tone and tightness by heating the dermis. This provokes fibroblast cells to produce more collagen. The more collagen that is present in the skin, the smoother and firmer it is. Now, an influx of collagen is undoubtedly beneficial, but collagen does not erase frown lines. The only way to do this is to disrupt nerve transmissions.

When we compare ThermiRase to injectables like Botox, we see the benefit of a toxin-free approach. While most people have no adverse reaction to the minute amount of neurotoxin in Botox, some prefer to avoid exposure altogether. With ThermiRase, they can.

Learn more about nonsurgical treatment for frown line and other forms of cosmetic aging. Call our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

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