Kybella for a Sculpted Jawline: Is it Right for You?

Fat is a frustrating concern that can affect how you feel about your appearance. This can be true even when fat is localized in a small area such as under the chin. The term double-chin is often used to describe the accumulation of fat just beneath the face. This fat doesn’t always relate to obesity or even slightly more than ideal weight. It’s presence under the face, however, can make a person look generally larger than they really are. Recently, nonsurgical double-chin treatment took a leap forward with the injectable Kybella solution. Here, we offer a few key points about this treatment to help you determine if it is right for you.

Results are not instant.

Some injectables are known for their immediate results. Others, like Botox, work within a few days. Kybella doesn’t fit this mold. This treatment works by dismantling fat cells, which takes time. The ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a substance that typically targets dietary fat in the digestive process. When we inject deoxycholic acid into a collection of fat cells, the chemical gradually gets absorbed as it destroys its targets. Although results start to appear after a few weeks, and potentially a few treatments, what is achieved with Kybella can last indefinitely.

Fat is the only target.

Kybella treatment is intended for one sole purpose, to eliminate unwanted fat. Deoxycholic acid exists in the body to break down dietary fat. It has no other objective. Therefore, patients with loose or saggy skin on the upper neck may not achieve their desired result with Kybella alone. Our office is equipped with several devices developed for skin tightening. By combining treatments, we can achieve an optimal outcome even when tissue laxity exists.

There is a bit of downtime.

When we think of injectables, we tend to categorize them as lunchtime treatments. This is true in many cases but not with Kybella. This treatment process introduces deoxycholic acid into a wider area, from the chin to the mid-neck.  The number of injections is relatively substantial (don’t worry, we make it comfortable!), resulting in an increase in subdermal fluid. At first, the neck and chin may look worse, as if more fat has collected. This is nothing more than the liquid deoxycholic acid beneath the skin. For a few days, swelling is noticeable. Tenderness or soreness may also occur. Typically, a patient can receive Kybella on a Friday and be back to work on Monday. However, they may wish to spend the weekend resting.

Our Louisville office has been established as a relaxing environment in which patients can receive information about surgical and nonsurgical treatments that will best meet their needs. To learn more about Kybella, call 502-425-5200.

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