Breast Augmentation: A Woman’s Choice

Breast shape and size is integral to a woman’s sense of herself. For many years, women have gained psychological and social benefits from enhancing their breasts. Dr. Salzman has helped many women go from point A to point B with ease and has noticed that, like other areas of society, trends have impacted women’s choices in breast size over the years.

In the early time of breast augmentation, we didn’t have the technologies that we have today. Women wanting breast enlargement consulted with their plastic surgeon to discuss their concerns and their desired results from surgery. As society became more familiar with breast enhancement via implant devices, we saw an increase in breast size across the board. Thirty or so years ago, during the 1980s, many women’s breast implants often looked obvious. Ten to fifteen years later, we saw a lean to the other extreme, if we could call it that. Women wanted larger breasts, but not noticeably larger, so they often chose augmentation that increased only about a cup size. Today, we’re finding a middle ground. We’re also finding out who influences women’s choices in breast size. Not surprisingly, it’s other women.

One of the important issues discussed during breast augmentation consultation visits is a woman’s motivation for enhancing breast size. It is important to plastic surgeon’s that patients are choosing to alter their bodies for personal reasons and not to please anyone else. So how does women’s influence fit?

Women have always been influenced, both directly and indirectly, by others of the same sex. On a direct level, women often talk to their friends, family, and coworkers about personal matters. In these conversations, it may be revealed that someone close to the patient has had breast augmentation. In a large percentage of cases, these women state that they would choose larger implants if they had it to do over again. This can be insightful, but patients should be mindful of the particulars that differentiate their shape from others’.

Indirectly, women are influenced by what they see in magazines, movies, television, and on social media. This can be relevant to choosing breast implant size because the clothing styles that are preferred by every patient look the way they do in part due to the model’s shape. Just as fashion trends have changed time and time again, so have trends in what is deemed attractive in terms of body shape. These trends can influence common breast implant choices.

We Help You Choose What’s Right for You

Breast augmentation is a process that begins with choice. To explore your options for breast implant sizes, shapes, and profiles, schedule a visit to our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

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