Is SkinTyte Your Ideal Facial Rejuvenation Solution?

There are several telltale signs of aging that we hear about quite often. You may notice them when you look in the mirror; little problems like deep laugh lines around the nose and mouth, lines at the corners of your eyes, and lines in between your eyebrows. While these are troublesome tissue changes that can make the face look less friendly, they are not the only concerns that occur. In our Louisville plastic surgery practice, tissue laxity is often the primary facial-ager.

We all expect our skin to loosen over time. As we grow older, it’s very likely that our skin also won’t look as bright as it once did. There is a reason for this that goes beyond the basic explanation of “aging.” The reason our skin becomes weak, thin, loose, and saggy over time is that there is less and less collagen to support it. Collagen is made by fibroblasts, cells that live in the dermis. Around age 20, our fibroblasts settle in for a nice, long sleep. This means they’re not producing the amount of collagen we need for the skin to remain resilient, thick, and firm. Hence the development of lines, creases, and jowls.

Knowing the underlying cause of cosmetic aging empowers us to manage the situation in innovative ways. One way that we do it is with SkinTyte™.

What is SkinTyte?

SkinTyte is a type of laser treatment. The device is made by Sciton®, a leader in innovative non-invasive cosmetic systems. For SkinTyte, developers combined infrared energy with broadband light (BBL). Together, these two energies permeate the cells to affect meaningful change. During a SkinTyte treatment, energy is deposited into the dermis in a sequence of rapid pulses. The absorption of these combined energies stimulates fibroblasts to increase collagen-producing activity. Additionally, collagen strands currently supporting the skin, which have loosened and weakened over time, are heated so they contract and tighten.

Benefits of SkinTyte

The primary advantage of SkinTyte is that this treatment targets the underlying cause of cosmetic aging to achieve consistent results without surgery. Some of the specific improvements that can be achieved with this procedure include:

  • Reduction in lines and creases on the neck, face, and forehead.
  • Improvement in mid-face contouring.
  • Increased jawline definition.
  • Reduction of visible cellulite and/or stretch marks.
  • Reduction in stretch marks.

Historically, we have needed to surgically correct the signs of aging or perform multiple nonsurgical skin-tightening treatments to achieve the desired outcome. With SkinTyte, many patients see appreciable results after a single appointment.

Learn more about SkinTyte and what it can do for you. Call 502-425-5200 to schedule your visit with us.

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