Is VASER Liposuction the Perfect Body-Sculpting Procedure?

For many years, people who’ve grown frustrated with stubborn fat have turned to liposuction surgery. This solution has helped millions of people reach their ideal body contours when diet and exercise just haven’t been able to. As popular as liposuction has been, the procedure has been improved upon in multiple ways over the years. Today, various techniques are used, from tumescent liposuction to power-assisted techniques to ultrasound-assisted liposuction. In our Louisville office, we offer the option of VASER liposuction, which we’ll discuss here.

What is VASER Liposuction?

The purpose of liposuction, regardless of technique, is to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and give the body more refined contours. VASER is Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. That’s a mouthful for saying it utilizes ultrasound technology to break up fat cells using ultrasonic frequency waves. The reason? To extract stubborn fatty tissue more gently and with greater accuracy.

How VASER Liposuction Compares to Traditional Liposuction

The most common form of traditional liposuction utilizes tumescent fluid. This has an anesthetic effect and it causes tissue to become swollen and firm. VASER liposuction does the opposite. The ultrasonic frequency waves that permeate tissue disrupt fat cells so they become softer and more malleable. Softer tissue loses its form and can therefore by suctions more easily through a smaller cannula. The technique is so refined and accurate that it can be done to carve out abdominal definition and sculpt smaller areas with precision. The ultrasound energy also has a thermal effect in the dermis, which can tighten the skin.

Body Contouring is Serious Business

Many people would like to have a more defined body but have a difficult time getting there even with a healthy lifestyle. Because liposuction has been around for so many years, it is often perceived as an easy procedure. The skill needed to achieve the best results with liposuction should not be taken for granted. Without skill and attention to detail, liposuction could create lumps or asymmetry. Because you take your body everywhere you go, you deserve the very best. VASER liposuction can give that to you.

Learn more about the benefits of VASER liposuction body contouring. Call 502-425-5200 for an appointment in our Louisville office, where Dr. Salzman has been treating patients for more than 25 years.

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