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adobestock 200369609 1 Facial aging is a fact of life that every adult knows they will face. We’ve got several strategies to make this process easier these days, so no one has to rush into the prospect of a facelift. Understandably, most people prefer to take their time and utilize the easier methods of reducing wrinkles before they turn to surgery. What often happens, though, is that a person gets stuck in what is called “analysis paralysis;” they stay in a place where they continually question “is now the right time for a facelift?” Some people do this for years before they visit a plastic surgeon. Here, we discuss two critical signs that you may be ready to consult a plastic surgeon about surgical facial rejuvenation.

“Where did I go?”

When you look in the mirror, you want to see yourself. For the most part, you always will. However, what many people say once they finally reach our office for their facelift consultation is “I just don’t feel like I look like Me anymore.” Lines and wrinkles are only part of the aging puzzle. What may be worse than a few creases is the way that the face changes shape. The face should have dimension. The cheeks curve nicely. The jawline is angled. The face has an overall Y shape. As skin, fat, muscle, and bone all degrade over time, that Y turns into an inverted V. The width is now at the bottom of the face, and tissue sags from the jawline. The cheeks no longer have their nice curve. When these changes take place, it’s not surprising that you might wonder where your unique appearance has gone.

Too Much Upkeep

When the visible signs of aging are limited to the skin and very superficial tissue, it is easy to rejuvenate the face using injectables. When that point is reached where the fat pads have become depleted, the muscle has weakened, and the skin has lost its firmness and elasticity, achieving beautiful, natural-looking results gets trickier. In the same way that natural aging can make you not look like you, so can injectables when overcorrection occurs.

A facelift is a minimally-invasive procedure that restores the natural contours of the face by addressing all of the layers of tissue that have lost resiliency. If you believe you may be ready to explore surgical facial rejuvenation, contact us at 502-425-5200. We’re happy to schedule a consultation for you in our Louisville office.

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