Should I Have Plastic Surgery?

istock 1140016992 1 Plastic surgery procedures continue to be popular even with the many non-surgical treatments we have available today. It’s easy to understand why. First, not every cosmetic concern can be handled non-surgically. Those that can be, such as facial aging, get better results from surgery than other modalities, including injectables.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, we imagine you’re quite aware of the problem it is you want to correct. If that is a droopy, saggy belly, you may find that you tug your waistline upward to cover it. You may wear loose tops as another strategy. If you are unhappy with the way your face is aging, you might try to smile all the time so you look friendly and happy. You may raise your eyebrows because you can feel the heaviness of your upper face. These strategies can be put to bed with the right treatment; but to get the right treatment, you might have to overcome a few ideas that are holding you back.

What Do You Think About Plastic Surgery?

We all develop certain perspectives in life without realizing how these come to be. If you’re hesitating about plastic surgery, it could be because you’ve got a few ideas that are simply not true. For example,

Plastic surgery is trying to take a shortcut.

It wasn’t very long ago when plastic surgery was something people did in secret. Prominent plastic surgeons had secret entrances to keep patients’ visits discreet. We’re far more open about surgical enhancement today but that doesn’t mean some people don’t still hold on to this idea that plastic surgery is an easy out. Easy out of what, we don’t really know. Most of the people we meet have done a lot to manage their appearance. They live healthy lifestyles, exercise, and take good care of their skin. Plastic surgery isn’t a shortcut to anything, it is a way to feel like your best self.

I should just be happy with my body.

This is an idea that gets perpetuated by well-meaning loved-ones. If you’ve tossed out the idea of having plastic surgery or admitted that there is something about your body that you would like to change, you may have heard something like “you look fine just the way you are!” These statements are spoken in love, but they aren’t helpful. Plastic surgery is not about fixing something. Wanting plastic surgery doesn’t mean you’re not happy with your body. It means you want to be happier with your body!

In recent years, we’ve become much more aware of the value of dumping beliefs that don’t serve us. These and other ideas about plastic surgery don’t have to keep you from feeling your best. Kick them to the curb and give our Louisville office a call at 502-425-5200 so we can discuss the treatment that would be perfect for you.

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