Breast Augmentation Questions Every Patient Should Ask

iStock 1277317804 Breast augmentation has been widely sought-after for decades. This single procedure holds the potential to significantly improve a woman’s body proportions and satisfaction with her appearance. What is interesting about this procedures is that, being as popular as it is, prospective patients often don’t ask the questions that they should. They may either think they know or think they should know. Neither is correct and these viewpoints could lead to one of those “wish I had known” situations. Here, we point out that it’s not a good idea to make assumptions about breast augmentation by discussing a few questions that are worth asking.

  1. Will my breasts still look natural after breast augmentation?

Women who wish they liked their breasts better sometimes also hesitate to see a plastic surgeon because they mistakenly believe that breast implants will look fake. There was a time when the chance of this may have been relatively high. However, today, a skilled surgeon considers multiple aspects of the patient’s body, their desired outcome, lifestyle, and breast implant characteristics when planning surgery. The choice is no longer simply between silicone or saline implants, but between various shapes, sizes, profiles, and other characteristics. Ultimately, the time spent talking with an experienced surgeon lays the foundation for breast augmentation results that look so natural no one can tell. 

  1.           What is the Right Age for Breast Implants?

Potential breast implant patients want to ask this question because silicone implants are not approved for patients under the age of 22. Still, there is more to the question. Sometimes, women may assume that they are too old to enhance their breasts with breast implants. There is no rule about this and it can be just as satisfying to correct deflation caused by age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding as it can be to enlarge naturally small breasts. Regardless of age, a healthy woman with realistic expectations is usually a great candidate for breast augmentation.  

  1.           Is Breast Augmentation the Right Choice for Me?

This question isn’t just about whether one should enlarge their breast size or not but whether their breasts need more than enlargement. The breasts can be heavy, and heavy breasts can pull on the skin, making the breast mound droopy. In some cases, it is not enough to just restore volume (and thus weight) to the breasts. Some women need a lift, a procedure that reduces the superficial pocket over the breast mound, to achieve naturally youthful, full, perky breasts. 

There are far too many questions about breast augmentation to answer in a blog post. Often, one question leads to another, then another, which is advantageous! That’s why we suggest contacting our Louisville office at 502-425-5200 and arranging a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Salzman. 

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