Expanded Knowledge has Led to the Evolved Facelift. Here’s What You Should Know!

iStock 691068988 Here’s an interesting tidbit of information you may not have known, doctors have been performing facelift surgeries longer than heart surgery has been around. Surgical techniques to revive an aging face began in the early 1900s. Since that time, fortunately, the field of plastic surgery has transformed in the most powerful and exciting ways. Here, we take a moment to review the history of the facelift to demonstrate why there is no time like this in history to feel confident choosing this procedure. 

The First Era of Facelift Surgery

The early years of facelift surgery spanned decades, nearly seven of them! The first facelift procedure was performed on a Polish aristocrat, and it involved a simplistic technique. The surgeon would make an incision above each ear and pull the skin back. The skin would be sutured into place and excess skin would be trimmed. This initial technique achieved modest results. Patients’ skin looked tighter and they had fewer wrinkles. However, because the facelift only pulled back the skin, patients also looked windblown. 

The First Steps in a New Direction

In the 1960s, anatomical research revealed that, beneath the facial skin, was what doctors named the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, or SMAS. The SMAS is composed of layers 

of fat and muscle, both of which contribute to the structure of the face, and both of which change over time. With this discovery came new steps in surgical facial rejuvenation. At that time, surgeons went beneath the skin to also tighten and trim the fat along the jawline and chin. In the 1970s, the entire SMAS, muscle and fat, was addressed with repositioning and trimming.

The Modern Facelift

From the 1980s onward, the field of aesthetic medicine has been in a constant state of evolution. Not only have surgeons developed their own techniques to address the finer aspects of facial aging, but they have also gained innovative new ways to rejuvenate aging faces. Facial rejuvenation is no longer solely handled by a facelift. Surgeons also perform brow lifts, eyelid rejuvenation, neck lifts, cheek augmentation, chin augmentation, and more. Even more exciting is the opportunity to rejuvenate without surgery or with a combination of surgical and nonsurgical treatments. 

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