Why Have Facelifts Become So Popular?

plastic surgeon touching face of attractive woman with marked face It wasn’t very long ago that we were spending the majority of our time in our own homes, away from our colleagues, friends, and families. During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty about many things. Our cosmetic goals all but disappeared. In the aesthetic field, we wondered if they might be gone for an extended period of time. Interestingly, people’s interest in plastic surgery, particularly facial procedures, returned sooner than we had imagined. That interest is still going strong, and we now have a better understanding as to why. We’ll discuss the factors that are driving facial rejuvenation here.

Time Out of the Office

Plastic surgery can be a gratifying choice, but it is one that requires some time. A poll of plastic surgery patients once revealed that time off work was the primary challenge they faced, even more prominent than financing their desired procedure. We’ll be honest, it does take some time to recover from certain procedures. A facelift patient may not be ready to go back to the office for a full two weeks. This isn’t necessarily because they are swollen and in pain the entire time but because they don’t want to go back to work until all of their bruising has resolved. Now that so many people are working from home, facelift surgery is more accessible. After a few days off, it may feel relatively easy to take that Zoom meeting or work for a few hours and then nap and rest for optimal recovery.

The Zoom Effect

We mentioned how Zoom might shorten the overall time-off requirement a person may need to recover from plastic surgery like a facelift. Well, those Zoom meetings are also a significant reason why so many people are seeking facial rejuvenation of all kinds. Facelifts, in particular, became popular when people started seeing themselves on camera for the first time. The downside of virtual, video meetings is that it is impossible not to look at yourself. Another downside is that, depending on your computer situation, you may be looking at your worst angles. Before you convince yourself that you need a facelift, make sure that your video cameras, phone or otherwise, are positioned higher so that your chin is pointing forward, not down. If after taking this step, you’re still troubled by loose, sagging tissue on the lower face and creases around your nose and mouth, you may be right to consider a facelift.

Facial rejuvenation isn’t the only plastic surgery that is popular these days. Nor does facial rejuvenation need to involve surgery. To learn more about your options for building your best self, contact our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

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