Does Breast Augmentation Hurt?

sexy young woman model in sexy dress Deciding to have breast augmentation should be an exciting time, not one that is overshadowed by questions and worries. Because this procedure is so common and there is so much information available for patients seeking this type of breast enhancement, some feel shy about asking what may be most pressing to them. In many cases, what concerns patients is the idea of breast augmentation being painful. Whether or not a patient asks about pain during their consultation, they are usually thinking it. So, preemptively, we will provide our clearest and most thoughtful response.

Breast Augmentation: What Should I Expect?

Is breast augmentation surgery painful? The first aspect of treatment is the surgical procedure itself. Breast augmentation is performed with general anesthesia, a form of sedation that interrupts the reception of pain signals from the body to the brain. The brain does not receive these signals, so the patient does not feel any pain. A nice side effect of general anesthesia is that the patient has no recollection of the time surrounding their procedure. General anesthesia is safe and has been widely used in even the most complex surgical procedures for many years. Not only are patients protected from pain, but they are closely monitored throughout surgery to safely maintain the effects of anesthesia.

Does breast augmentation hurt? The next aspect of breast augmentation is surgical recovery. Here is when patients will actively engage in pain management. What typically happens after surgery is that the patient feels a heaviness in their chest. This is in part to the pressure of the breast implants against muscle, connective tissue, and skin. It is also in part to the pressure of the compression garment applied after surgery. Heaviness may feel odd and it may feel uncomfortable but it isn’t usually painful. It is also normal to experience tenderness at incision sites, and general soreness in the chest area. Again, compression is a friend in the attainment of comfort. So is the pain medication that is prescribed for the initial days of recovery. Patients are strongly encouraged to take their prescription painkillers as directed so they do not have to endure unnecessary, stressful pain. In about a week’s time, it is very likely that comfort will improve enough to switch to over-the-counter pain relievers.

Breast augmentation is one of our most popular surgeries. The effects of a well-planned, well-performed surgery can be life-changing in the best ways. To schedule your consultation at our Louisville plastic surgery practice, contact us at 502-425-5200.

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