Breast Revision Surgery

woman breast with drops close up Breast enhancement or augmentation procedures are the most popular form of plastic surgery in the United States. However, sometimes the results aren’t what you are looking for. You may also notice implants from older surgeries starting to shift. If any of these scenarios apply to you, it may be time to start thinking about scheduling a consultation with Dr. Marc J. Salzman to discuss breast revision surgery.

What is Breast Revision Surgery?

During your consultation, Dr. Salzman will evaluate your skin’s condition, along with the size of the implant. He will also discuss your desired breast size. Your breast thickness and amount of existing scar tissue are also evaluated to ensure the issue is successfully corrected. Some of the issues breast revision surgery can correct are,

Changing the Implant Size

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and age can create pockets in the breast around the implants. Your breasts may appear off-center or start sagging. Inserting a smaller implant into the pocket can enhance the size and shape of your breasts, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Migrating Implants

Breast implants can shift, especially in women with smaller frames and large implants. Suddenly your nipples are pointing towards your chin.

During the surgical procedure, Dr. Salzman will use a variety of techniques to help support the implants while also moving them back into their original positions. The techniques include inserting a smaller implant to provide support or using tissue from humans or pigs to strengthen the surrounding area.

The technique that’s right for you depends on your specific issue.

Reducing Implant Visibility

Saline implants can become more visible over time. Wrinkling, dimpling, and visible edges are common complaints.

Patients with textured silicone implants can switch to smooth gel implants. Dr. Salzman can also increase the breast tissue to create a barrier between the implant and your skin.

Sometimes, it is necessary to replace the implants, and Dr. Salzman will help you decide which type of treatment is best for you.

Contact Dr. Salzman About Breast Revision Surgery

Contact Dr. Salzman online or contact his Louisville, KY office at 502-425-5200 to learn more about breast revision surgery and the other procedures we specialize in at Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa.

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