Recovery from Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Beautiful slim body of woman in studio Breast augmentation surgery has been used for many years to help women achieve the desired aesthetic look of their chests. With recent advancements in material technology and procedure techniques, the results continue to look more realistic.

Despite the success rates of modern breast augmentation surgery, there are many reasons why some women may elect or need revision surgery. One of the most common of these is, depending on the material selected in the first surgery, the implant itself needs a replacement.

In general, most implants last about 10 years, though some women can go without a revision up to 15 years after the original surgery. If the size and shape of the new implants are relatively close to those being replaced, the procedure is quite simple and requires minimal downtime and recovery.

Depending on how much movement has occurred, a breast lift might be all that is needed to regain the desired look. Some women, however, experience shifting of the implant within the pockets of their breasts. While some minor shifting is expected, too much movement can lead to an uneven appearance or the breasts falling at a different level.

Along with aesthetic changes that might occur over the implants’ lifetime, there are some cases of rupture and leakage of the implants. In these cases, surgical intervention is almost always required and should be scheduled as soon as possible.

Although breast implant revision surgery is a somewhat invasive medical procedure, the recovery after is slightly different from what you may have experienced with the first breast augmentation surgery. While it is still important to rest and protect the surgical site, your body will already be used to the implants’ size, shape, and weight.

If you are unhappy with the look of your implants, if they have shifted or are due for replacement, contact Dr. Salzman and the team at Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa in Louisville, KY, to learn more about the recovery from breast implant revision surgery. Call the office at 502-425-5200 or visit to schedule a consultation.

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