Breast Augmentation Incision Options

Breast Augmentation Incision Options in Louisville, Near Lexington, Kentucky

With breast augmentation, many women are concerned about the incisions and scars that will be in place after surgery. Fortunately with Dr. Salzman’s expertise, incisions made for breast enlargement heal very well and fade over time. However, as with most surgical procedures, there will be permanent suture lines in the skin.

Incisions are made in inconspicuous areas to minimize unsightly scarring. For breast augmentation, there are three common incisional approaches for breast implant insertion, which are discussed below. Incisions are determined based on the type of breast implant, your physical anatomy, your desired results, and the patient-surgeon preference.

Periareolar Incision

The periareolar incision extends from about the 4 to 8 o’clock position of the areolas. The primary benefit of this incision is the color and skin texture of the areola generally conceals the scar, and it’s almost unrecognizable after only a few weeks. The periareolar incision is commonly used for patients who have been pregnant or have a medium to large areola size. It is also recommended in patients of color in whom a darker pigmented scar may be more visible in the crease than around the areola.

Inframammary Incision

The inframammary fold incision goes along the under crease of the breast and works ideally for the majority of patients. If the patient has adequate lower pole fullness of the breasts, this trait helps conceal the incision very well, and the scar is not noticeable when sitting or standing. This incision is placed just above the fold of the breast, so it is faced down when in a normal position.

Transaxillary Incision

The transaxillary incision or underarm incision is excellent for patients with youthful breasts, and women that have not been pregnant. The patients also generally have a small areolar size. Additionally, women with smaller, perkier breasts would prefer this method because the inframammary fold incision can be easily seen. This method is used primarily for the placement of saline implants.

If you want to learn more about incision placement and breast augmentation, contact Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa today.

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