Plastic Surgery In Anchorage KY

Dr. Marc Salzman has been offering his expertise in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery at the Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa in Anchorage since 1992. We offer our patients the most innovative and advanced techniques and treatments at our center. You can choose from a range of surgical procedures including breast augmentation, facial cosmetic surgery, and body contouring procedures. Dr. Salzman has immense experience in different fields of aesthetic procedures which he actively teaches to other physicians across the globe. Some of the procedures you can choose from including Botox, Sculptra, Affirm, and Cynosure Elite laser treatments. He is passionately innovative and has created several state-of-the-art treatments including Liteshape Body Contouring, Ageless MiniFacelift, Fusion Lift, and the Ouchless Needle. Dr. Salzman is sought after because of his safe procedures, vast experience, artistic expertise, and caring attitude offered to all patients at our center.

Breast Surgery Procedures

Women experience many undesirable changes in their breasts because of various changes owing to age, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy; however, most of these changes are usually subtle. When these changes become too apparent due to loss of volume, deflation, sagging, asymmetry, or even very large breasts, you may seek a breast procedure to help you regain your perky and youthful contours. Women in Anchorage can regain their confidence with the long-lasting procedures offered at our center. If you are looking to increase a cup size, you can opt for an augmentation; if your breasts are sagging, you can opt for a breast lift; in case of very large breasts, reduction can help you; or implant revision procedure can help you get the desired results if you are unhappy with a previously performed augmentation. For beautifully natural results, you can choose from these breast procedures:

Body Contouring Procedures

Many people today face bodily concerns like sagging skin and stubborn fatty deposits. This not only affects their appearance but also their self-confidence. Despite regular diet and exercising, these stubborn areas refuse to give in and you may want to consider a body contouring procedure to regain your youthful contours. Dr. Salzman helps his patients in Anchorage with several customized treatments which are suited to your specific body concerns and desired goals. You can choose rejuvenation of the abdomen, arms, love handles, thighs, buttock, neck, and hands. These treatments will help you reduce the fatty areas and skin laxity; offer skin tightening, and add volume to the required areas. Patients in Anchorage can choose from the following procedures:

Face Procedures

Facial rejuvenation is the specialty of Dr. Salzman. His personal approach to every patient ensures that they get consistently excellent results. You may be struggling with sun damage, early signs of aging, volume loss, or an injury that has made you seek facial rejuvenation. If you are unhappy with the appearance of a facial feature, Dr. Salzman will work to understand your cosmetic goals during your consultation and help you achieve those goals. The procedures offered at our center help you achieve the desired harmony and balance in your face so that you look naturally rejuvenated. When looking for customized facial rejuvenation in Anchorage, here are the procedures you can choose from:

For Men

More and more men today are seeking cosmetic rejuvenation as they wish to enhance their appearance and eliminate aging signs. Even though most men may look for subtler results, they can benefit from the same procedures employing customized techniques. Our team offers the required effective procedures to help men deal with gynecomastia or enlarged breasts, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation at our center. Here are the procedures men in Anchorage can choose from:

About Anchorage, KY

Anchorage is a home rule class city in the eastern Jefferson county of Kentucky. It is a suburb of Louisville and one of the wealthiest cities of Kentucky. The land that is now Anchorage was a part of the Isaac Hite’s 1773 land grant, that awarded most of the land in today’s Jefferson County to officers in the Virginia militia, in exchange for their service in the French and Indian War. The origin is the Anchorage, the estate of riverboat captain and early resident James W. Goslee. It was chosen to honor him when the city was incorporated in 1878, 3 years after his death. Tradition says that an anchor hanging inside the rim of a locomotive wheel at the center of the town was taken by Goslee from his ship, the Matamora. The temperatures here are usually cooler than in downtown Louisville and Anchorage became a popular location for summer homes for wealthy Louisvillians.

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