New Permanent Lip Implants

Making lips larger has been a plastic surgery challenge for the last decade or so. None of the fillers last long enough and the ones that do, can cause lumpiness to the lip. Because the lip is so mobile, most fillers are dissipated quite quickly leaving the patient disappointed in the regression of the lip size.

About seven to ten years ago, Gortex® material, in the shape of a tube, was inserted into the lip to gave a permanent increase in size. The Gortex® material, however, became hard, stiff and distorted the movement of the lip. It also seemed to shrink in length such that only the middle of the lip was augmented in size.

Yesterday, we tried a new silicone lip implant, the Perma™ Facial lip implant from SurgiSil™. What’s different about this implant, is that it is soft and pliable and does not shrink or become hard when placed into the lip. It’s a cinch to place and can be done in less than a half hour in the office under a local anesthetic. It so happens that a plastic surgeon, who is a friend of mine, invented this unique answer to making lips larger and more shapely. He has shared with me his long term observations of this implant over several years during its development and he has seen that it seems to stay soft.

We now have an excellent solution for the patient who wants a long lasting, single treatment solution for larger and more youthful looking lips, the Perma™ facial implant from SurgiSil™.

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