Vectra Real Life Imaging in Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Salzman is proud to introduce the Vectra™ multidimensional imaging station to his plastic surgery practice in Louisville, KY. Multidimensional imaging allows the potential plastic surgery patient the ability to see the results of their surgery in real life from any angle or view. Using this exciting new technology, we are now able to show the results of different sizes and shapes of breast implants as well as the potential outcomes of facial cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts, nose reshaping, chin implants, LiteShape™, lasers, and fillers. We are proud to be the first practice in the region with the Vectra™ multidimensional imaging system.


For the breast implant patient, the multidimensional imaging has dramatically improved our ability to understand what results the patient envisions and allows the patient to “try on” different sizes, shapes, and brands of breast implants so that we can agree on which implant will produce the best result. This now makes it unnecessary in our practice to place different implants on top of the existing breast to simulate a result. When the breasts are different in size it will also help in choosing the different sizes of implants that will best produce a symmetric result. The imaging of the patient with slightly droopy breasts after childbirth or weight loss can also be most helpful when utilizing the real-life multidimensional approach. We can now show the patient what she might look like if a lift is not done so that she can better prepare for the result of an implant alone. Frequently, after this image is displayed, the patient remarks, “maybe it would look better to add a lift”. If she is happy with that result without the additional cost of adding a lift, then we are more likely to proceed with implants only. What we and our patients have really liked is the ability to rotate the image in all directions.


The multi-dimensional imaging system can also be used for imaging of the face. We can simulate the results of facelifts, chin implants, nose reshaping, wrinkle fillers, and laser resurfacing all in real life. By adding volume or changing the location of volume, the change in the shape of the face can be seen in 3D. Nose reshaping and chin implants are especially satisfying when seen in real life. Our patients have a better understanding of what we are actually doing as plastic surgeons in modifying facial appearance through the adding or moving of fat volume. We especially like showing what we think we can accomplish safely in nose reshaping. That way the surgeon and the patient are on the same page as to what the goal is for the procedure. The addition of this cutting-edge technology to our cosmetic practice in Louisville, KY gives our patients access to the latest advances and aids us in providing exceptional results in cosmetic plastic surgery.

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