Vanquish™ in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky


Vanquish™ is a revolutionary non-invasive, non-contact, solution for reducing body regions where excess fat can accumulate. This novel device uses a focused wide field array of multipolar radio-frequency transmitters to heat up the fat around the waistline. Once heated, the fat cells squeeze out the fatty content inside of the cell which is absorbed by the surrounding lymphatics and sent to the liver as an energy source. Over the next several weeks, the areas treated slowly become smaller as the fat content is reduced.


Vanquish™ is indicated for the patient of closed to normal body mass index who desires a reduction of fat around the waistline and who either is not a surgical candidate or does not desire a minimally invasive procedure such as Vaser™ liposuction or Liteshape™ (laser assisted liposuction).

The Procedure

Patients having the Vanquish™ procedure lay on a wooden table in the medical spa under the array of RF transmitters. A fiber based spacer may be placed between the patient and the machine and a fan may be used to help dissipate heat. The operator will position the machine over the desired treatment area and watch for several minutes to optimize the position of the transmitter to maximize the amount of energy transferred to the fat. The patient will feel a warming sensation that is very tolerable. If “hot spots” arise which feel too warm, the operator will re-position the transmitter to decrease these feelings. A series of 4 to 6 treatments are recommended and can be done as soon as 10 days to 2 weeks apart. Vanquish™ can be combined with Exilis™ in one treatment session to add skin tightening to the fat loss.

Side effects include redness to the treated and possible tender areas that last a week or so. Patients with surgically implanted metal in the treatment area, pacemakers, pregnant or lactating women are not candidates for Vanquish™.  For more information regarding Vanquish™ or any other laser treatment, visit the Laser Treatments home page.