salzman gallery vivace 1 1 Vivace incorporates microneedling with radio-frequency energy to help revitalize and tighten the skin. Gold plated needles, the size of a human hair, are robotically inserted into the skin. The radiofrequency energy only comes out of the bottom of the needle. The outside of the needle is insulated, thus bypassing the epidermis. This treatment is very flexible in that it can be used on almost any area of the face and body, and on any type of skin. It is especially effective in reducing acne scarring.

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Dull-looking skin, a desire for smaller pores, fewer wrinkles, and an improvement in recurring acne on the face.

Intended Results

Smaller pore size, reduction of oil in the skin, and a minimized appearance of lines and wrinkles. Also improves the absorption of skincare products and reduces the occurrence of acne.


The Procedure

The first step in Vivace treatment is to numb the treatment area(s). A handheld device that consists of multiple needle heads will then be used to puncture the skin while simultaneously applying radiofrequency energy. This stimulates collagen production, as well as skin-tightening agents such as hyaluronic acid and elastin, for a radiant, younger-looking complexion. The radiofrequency in this treatment can be adjusted for each individual’s unique skin type and skin concerns.

Patients should undergo three to six sessions spaced one week apart for optimal results. This procedure takes about one hour to complete.

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Recuperation and Healing

After treatment, the skin may be red and sensitive. These side effects may last anywhere from one to two days.

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