Kybella® in Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky

Kybella is the newest option for non-surgical reduction of fat under the chin, sometimes called a “double chin.” Fat may accumulate beneath the chin can make the person look heavier than they actually are. This fat may have nothing to do with weight and can be inherited from your parents.

Kybella is deoxycholic acid, which is a substance produced by the liver to aid in the digestion of fat. Very small amounts are injected through the smallest of needles into the fat below the chin. Over several weeks the fat “melts away’” and is removed by the body over the normal metabolic pathways. Usually 1-2 vials are injected in any one session. Most patients will require at least 2-3 sessions, 6 weeks apart to completely reduce the double chin. The reaction to Kybella injection is some swelling and soreness that last a few weeks. Bruising, if present, lasts about a week.

BLOG: Say Goodbye to that Double Chin with Kybella 

Kybella is a perfect choice for the patient wanting a reduction in the fat below the chin without any surgery.  For more information about Kybella and other injectables, visit our injectables home page.