Halo Laser By Sciton

Halo Laser by Sciton in Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky

Halo Laser by Sciton

Halo is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. Fractional lasers are used to treat skin more gently than some of the older carbon dioxide lasers by leaving some of the normal skin in between the areas of treated skin. This can be beneficial for patients who want to restore their natural, healthy glow. Halo is customized to target specific damaged areas to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.

BLOGWhy Choose Halo Laser Treatments?

How it Works

Two different types of lasers exist. The first is what we call an ablative laser. Ablative lasers remove a portion of skin. In contrast, the other laser is non-ablative. Non-ablative lasers cause a column of injury but do not remove any portion of the skin. This halo laser combines the best of both worlds by combining the best attributes of fractional ablative and fractional non-ablative lasers. Fractional non-ablative lasers heal quickly but don’t have a whole lot of efficacy. Ablative lasers, while more efficacious, can take longer to heal.

What’s the most surprising to me, is that when we combine these two concepts of lasers, instead of 2+2 = 4, in my opinion, 2+2 now equals 8. We are getting ablative type results with the lesser downtime and healing times of the non-ablative lasers.

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The Results

Halo is great for mild wrinkles, texture and pore size, brownish discoloration and sunspots, and generalized uneven skin tone. The other really nice thing about Halo is it only requires numbing creams and cold air to provide for a comfortable treatment. Usually, a series of two treatments spaced a month or so apart seem to be optimal. Halo has been a game changer in the aesthetic world of laser resurfacing. For more information regarding Halo-Laser or any other laser procedure, visit the Laser Treatments home page.

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