Laser Tattoo Removal Louisville

Laser Tattoo Removal in Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky

Want your tattoo removed faster?

Laser tattoo removal can only be done using a Q-switched laser. That is why we chose to offer our patients the most powerful and effective system on the market.

Our Astanza Trinity offers advanced technology while optimizing treatment efficacy and minimizing treatment time. Q-switching means that the laser produces light energy in ultra-short pulses— nanoseconds, to be exact. These quick pulses allow the laser’s energy to enter the skin just quickly enough to heat up and shatter the unwanted tattoo ink while keeping the surrounding skin unharmed.

Our Trinity laser system utilizes three wavelengths; 1064nm, 532nm, and 694nm. By combining a dual wavelength Nd: YAG laser and a single wavelength Ruby, our laser can effectively target and treat 99% of tattoo ink colors. Because we can utilize the three different wavelengths, we have the ability to treat every color during the same treatment session.

Our ability to treat the widest spectrum of colors is one of many aspects that contribute to excellent patient results. Our laser system offers a square application beam that yields a shorter procedure time and ensures minimal skin irritation. The Trinity is both the fastest and most powerful triple wavelength system. With a speed twice as fast as its closest competitor, the largest spot size available, and the highest energy production, our laser system at Skin Spa by Salzman can truly offer patients a superior experience.

Complete tattoo removal typically takes 5 to 10 treatments at 4- to 8-week intervals by one of our Certified Laser Technicians. Between treatments, the body’s immune system continuously flushes away the broken ink particles until there is no more visible pigment.

However, some colors take longer to be removed than others, and not all tattoos are created equal. Factors affecting the tattoo removal process include the location on the body, tattoo application (homemade or professional), skin type, age of the tattoo, ink color and density, and the patient’s immune health. Our technology is designed to produce the highest efficacy of treatments, regardless of the variable factors, but there is more you can do as a patient. Proper aftercare must be followed closely in order to achieve ideal results. For more information on tattoo removal and other laser treatments, visit the Laser Treatments home page.

Take a look at these amazing before & after results from the Astanza Trinity laser!

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