Breast Implant Removal, the Ultimate Revision

A lot of thought goes into the decision to have breast implants. Once most women make this decision, they don’t look back. There is no question that they may one day return to a non-implant shape. In recent years, thousands of women have found themselves in this very predicament. In 2018 alone, nearly 50,000 women made the decision to have breast implants removed. According to the FDA, approximately 20% of patients will reach this decision. With the recent recall of certain textured breast implants, we suspect that this statistic will rise. Fortunately, the RealSelf community demonstrates a 98% worth it rating for this process. Here, we discuss what you want to know as you navigate your breast implant removal.

Reasons for Breast Implant Removal

Like initial breast augmentation, there are several reasons why women may choose to revise their first surgery. Some women choose breast implant revision that includes replacement using different breast implants than they started with. Some women completely remove breast implants without artificial replacement. Reasons for this choice range from cosmetic or medical need (capsular contracture or implant rupture) to personal preference. Going back to the RealSelf community for feedback, we see that some women report a desire to simply see their natural breasts again as their reason for revision surgery.

What Does Breast Implant Removal Look Like?

If you’ve had breast implants for any length of time, you have become accustomed to a certain appearance. The idea of having no implants to fill out the breasts is understandably daunting. It is something that may be impossible to prepare for, to be honest. But that doesn’t mean the results of breast implant removal are bad. Not in the least.

Options for natural enhancement after breast implant removal are available in our Louisville, KY office and each is discussed thoroughly during the consultation visit. Some women choose to restore a naturally youthful shape to their breasts through breast lift surgery. Repositioning the breasts higher on the chest wall gives the illusion of subtle volume through projection. An additional option, one that can be combined with a breast lift, is fat grafting.

Your shape is your business. Getting you the shape you want is ours. Learn more about the breast procedures conducted by Dr. Salzman at 502-425-5200.

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