Dr. Marc Salzman Explains Louisville, KY Plastic Surgery Trends

Plastic surgery is an evolving science, with newer and safer methods for enhancement being developed yearly. At Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa in Louisville, KY, plastic surgery trends follow the latest safe and effective technologies. Dr. Marc Salzman dedicates his time to staying up to date with medical research so his patients have access to the latest technological advances. We spoke with Dr. Salzman about the latest developments in plastic surgery, breast implants, and how his patients benefit from access to more options for enhancement.

Why Choices Are Important In Plastic Surgery

We asked Dr. Salzman why he offers a wide variety of plastic surgery options, including the newest breast implant, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. Dr. Salzman is one of the exclusive surgeons in the Louisville, KY area to offer IDEAL IMPLANT among other new technologies. 

Dr. Salzman explains, “I’m always surprised when I read online or patients tell me they’ve been to other places and physicians are giving them one choice or is telling them, ‘Don’t worry, honey, I’ll pick your size, you’re going to look fine,’  And I’m aghast when they tell us, ‘Well, doctor so-and-so didn’t say anything about that.’ You can still do a tummy tuck like they did in 1975, that’s fine, but there have been some advances. There are some newer ways of doing it. The same thing with the IDEAL IMPLANT. If you’re not willing to accept the fact that something’s new and present that as an option just because you think it’s no good or you don’t want to do it, that’s probably not a great thing. You can say, ‘I choose not to’ for whatever reason, but I really don’t like when the physician poo-poos something that they don’t have because it either costs money to do or it takes time to learn. They say, ‘Oh, that you don’t need. That’s an advancement that doesn’t matter.’ And that’s not really true because some of these things do matter.”

Louisville, KY Plastic Surgery Trends And Breast Implant Options

Since Dr. Salzman does not approach cosmetic surgery as “one size fits all” we asked him how he helps women pick the best breast implants for their bodies. Every woman is different, so Dr. Salzman takes his time with each patient to find out exactly which breast implant will give her the results she wants.

According to Dr. Salzman, “We’ll start out the conversation saying there’s a right implant for you, but there’s also probably a few right implants for you. We’re going to show you on a three-dimensional image of yourself, so that really there’s no guesswork. This is exactly what it’s going to look like. 3D imaging has been around for eight years or so. We had it when it first came out. The primary thing that we do is to try and get a feel for what the patient wants. And I think it’s helpful if the patient brings in a photo. Almost every patient will bring a few photos of what their goal is, what they want to look like, and then that kind of starts the ball rolling.”

After learning about his patient’s cosmetic goals, Dr. Salzman provides information about breast implant options, Louisville, KY plastic surgery trends, and the new technologies he offers. He explains the process of looking at these options, “What kind of implant are we looking at? High profile, extra high profile, more of a modest, rather than just say, “this is what you need.” We have all the implants lying on the table. And I say, there is a reason to use every single one of these.

“I present the option of the IDEAL IMPLANT. It’s the most expensive one, it’s the most modern one, it’s really the only new type of implant that’s been introduced in years. And we show them the implant underneath the little cloth. It feels just like a silicone gel implant. Yet it has some sizing interoperability that you don’t have with a fixed volume silicone gel. The incision is a little bit smaller, the warranty is really as good or better than anything else that’s out there. My patients ask, ‘well, what’s the negative?’ It costs more, and my patients say, ‘you get what you pay for.’ And a lot of times the patients will select the IDEAL IMPLANT, never having heard of it before they come in.”

When talking to his patients about Louisville, KY plastic surgery trends and the benefits and compromises of the IDEAL IMPLANT, Dr. Salzman says “I think the only downside that I’ve seen is it takes longer to put the thing in. You have to pump all the saline, both lumens, where for me it takes me 15 seconds to put in a silicone gel implant. But, I think patients like the fact that this is the newest, latest, and greatest state-of-the-art implant. There really hasn’t been any big changes in silicone gel implants in a long time, other than the consistency of the gel. So this is revolutionary. I think the patients understand that you have something that feels like a silicone gel implant, which is why we like the silicone gel implants. That doesn’t wrinkle like a silicone gel gel implant, which this does not. That has the longevity that’s as good or better than most of the silicone gel implants. That has a warranty that’s as good or better than all of the silicone gel implants. And it has a smaller incision because you roll it up like a cigar and stuff it in a smaller hole. What are the negatives? Well it costs more. So my patients understand that and say, ‘well that’s why it costs more.’”

Breast Augmentations And Louisville, KY Plastic Surgery Trends

In addition to offering the latest breast implant options Dr. Salzman approaches breast augmentation surgery in a new way. His methods typically lead to less downtime and reduced pain during recovery. Dr. Salzman explains, “I’ve been doing pectoralis muscle blocks for two and a half years now. That’s under high-resolution ultrasound, putting a long-acting numbing medicine. We use ropivacaine, and we put that in between the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscle, where the nerves that supply the muscles come out of the underarm, and that’s the spasm that you get when you create this pocket. Three years ago when I would go back to the patient in the recovery room and say, ‘How are you feeling?’ the thinner patient with bigger implants would say, ‘I feel like an elephant is on my chest and I can’t breathe.’ That’s the response of the muscle tightening and having this implant underneath it. Well, when you paralyze it, so to speak, by using the long-acting numbing medicine, we don’t get that rapid tension and the patients don’t feel like an elephant sitting on their chest. I’ve also noticed that because of that block, we don’t see implants way up in the underarm. All these massage things and special bras and all that, we don’t have any of those things. Patients can pretty much do what they want the next day.”

Salzman Cosmetic Surgery And Spa

We asked Dr. Salzman how his practice, Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa, compares to other practices around Louisville, KY. Plastic surgery trends are just one aspect of a cosmetic surgery practice. Safety, efficiency, and personalized care are also needed to give patients lasting results and the best experience possible.

Dr. Salzman tells us, “I think our office is a little bit unique in most parts of the country. We have a AAAASF, nationally certified operating room. We use board certified anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists. We practice under the guidelines of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Aesthetic Society. So it’s a state of the art operating room. We have ultrasound, we’ve got up to date things for liposuction. We’re doing BBLs, Brazilian butt lifts, under ultrasound. We’re doing tummy tucks with no drains, a painless, drainless tummy tuck. I do my own tap blocks, putting in numbing medicine in between the muscles of the abdominal wall, which really has helped for patients because it lasts for three days, it revolutionized their post-op care. We’re doing some state of the art things that not everybody’s doing and we have a beautiful facility and fantastic staff that is there to cater to our patients. And we have nurse practitioners taking care of our patients. It’s just a different type of practice.”

Considering breast implants in Louisville? Contact Dr. Marc Salzman today to discuss your options. Simply call 502-425-5200, or visit https://www.itbecomesyou.com/. Dr. Salzman’s office is located at 4702 Chamberlain Lane Louisville, KY, 40241. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

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