Making the Abdominoplasty Decision is a Big Deal

istock 519618162 Every day, we are inundated with choices. Fortunately, the decisions that we must make typically do not tax our minds much, if at all. From pouring that morning cup of coffee to brushing our teeth before bed, we do a lot of what we do without critical thinking. This is fine because it leaves more mental energy for those big decisions that come along now and then. Some, like having a tummy tuck, require quite a bit of thought.

If you’re considering the benefits of abdominoplasty, you may have a general idea in mind of why you would like this surgery. Your midsection is soft and maybe a little fluffy. Perhaps your abdominal skin is very loose and saggy. This laxity is the direct reason that most people give for wanting a tummy tuck. However, there are motivations behind this reason, and your plastic surgeon cares about them. Here, we discuss a few healthy reasons for seeking abdominoplasty.

“I want my body back.”

We all know our bodies will change with age and various other factors. When changes occur, whether due to pregnancy or weight changes, it is common for a person to feel that they’ve lost their body. Some feel like they’ve lost their connection to their physical self. Having abdominoplasty sounds like the best way to restore the shape they had years prior. We have a little secret. A tummy tuck might just give you a midsection better than you’ve ever had.

“I want to feel confident about my appearance.”

People who seek plastic surgery often say that they’d like to feel more confident. We understand the relationship between appearance and a healthy sense of confidence. When seeking abdominoplasty, a patient should already feel good about themselves overall. No plastic surgery procedure can create confidence out of nothing. Physical enhancement can, however, improve confidence.

“Diet and Exercise Haven’t Worked.”

We understand that, when the desired improvement has not been achieved, it can feel like diet and exercise habits haven’t worked. They have, just not to the degree one may want. Abdominoplasty is a great complement to a healthy lifestyle. It cannot substitute for good habits but, when it coincides with them, surgery can achieve long-lasting improvement.

If you’re interested in abdominoplasty, we’re here to answer your questions. Call our Louisville office at 502-425-5200 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Salzman.

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