Breast Augmentation Questions Every Patient Should Ask

iStock 1277317804 Breast augmentation has been widely sought-after for decades. This single procedure holds the potential to significantly improve a woman’s body proportions and satisfaction with her appearance. What is interesting about this procedures is that, being as popular as it is, prospective patients often don’t ask the questions that they should. They may either think they know or think they should know. Neither is correct and these viewpoints could lead to one of those “wish I had known” situations. Here, we point out that it’s not a good idea to make assumptions about breast augmentation by discussing a few questions that are worth asking.

  1. Will my breasts still look natural after breast augmentation?

Women who wish they liked their breasts better sometimes also hesitate to see a plastic surgeon because they mistakenly believe that breast implants will look fake. There was a time when the chance of this may have been relatively high. However, today, a skilled surgeon considers multiple aspects of the patient’s body, their desired outcome, lifestyle, and breast implant characteristics when planning surgery. The choice is no longer simply between silicone or saline implants, but between various shapes, sizes, profiles, and other characteristics. Ultimately, the time spent talking with an experienced surgeon lays the foundation for breast augmentation results that look so natural no one can tell. 

  1.           What is the Right Age for Breast Implants?

Potential breast implant patients want to ask this question because silicone implants are not approved for patients under the age of 22. Still, there is more to the question. Sometimes, women may assume that they are too old to enhance their breasts with breast implants. There is no rule about this and it can be just as satisfying to correct deflation caused by age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding as it can be to enlarge naturally small breasts. Regardless of age, a healthy woman with realistic expectations is usually a great candidate for breast augmentation.  

  1.           Is Breast Augmentation the Right Choice for Me?

This question isn’t just about whether one should enlarge their breast size or not but whether their breasts need more than enlargement. The breasts can be heavy, and heavy breasts can pull on the skin, making the breast mound droopy. In some cases, it is not enough to just restore volume (and thus weight) to the breasts. Some women need a lift, a procedure that reduces the superficial pocket over the breast mound, to achieve naturally youthful, full, perky breasts. 

There are far too many questions about breast augmentation to answer in a blog post. Often, one question leads to another, then another, which is advantageous! That’s why we suggest contacting our Louisville office at 502-425-5200 and arranging a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Salzman. 

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What a Few Tiny Needles Can Do For Your Skin

iStock 691068988 300x300 1 The conversation about anti-aging is ancient. It will probably also be infinite. As long as there are humans, there will be thoughts of how to look and feel our best. Over time, mountains of scientific data have informed the development of numerous surgical and nonsurgical techniques, devices, and treatments, all aimed at making the face and body more beautiful. In our Louisville surgery and spa practice, patients can explore the benefits of several different options. Here, we’ll discuss what our Collagen P.I.N. treatment can do to restore vitality to skin of all ages.  

Collagen P.I.N. is a type of collagen induction therapy. It is performed using an automated microneedling device. Professional microneedling is not like dermal rolling. The device does not roll across the skin, it creates numerous microscopic punctures using a stamping motion and multi-needled applicator tip. The response to these tiny wounds is an influx of healthy new collagen, something that doesn’t happen on its own. Through this increase in collagen production, microneedling achieves several important benefits. 

  1. Smoother, softer skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable because the skin runs out of new collagen to rebuild sagging, thinning tissues. Microneedling stimulates the production that is lacking so can either correct existing wrinkles or help postpone these signs of aging. 
  2. Reduced scarring. Collagen and elastin don’t just keep the skin smooth and soft. These chemicals are also involved in tissue repair. Microneedling forces repair, so can be done to reduce the appearance of acne scars and other scars on the skin. The only exception is keloid scarring. 
  3. Lighter, smoother stretch marks. Stretch marks are just a type of scarring. They occur when the skin stretches too far and too fast for collagen to repair tissue quickly enough. Like other scars, microneedling forces the repair of the stretched skin, resulting in less visible stretch marks. 
  4. Brighter, healthier skin. There are few limits to what can be achieved by stimulating collagen production! One of the benefits of microneedling that many people appreciate is how the extra collagen and elastin can repair hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. Because microneedling addresses damage caused by exposure to UV light, this treatment is ideal both for prevention and correction. 

The Collagen P.I.N. microneedling procedure takes less than an hour and incurs little if any downtime. If you’re interested in learning more about this beneficial spa treatment, contact our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

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How Will You Craft Your Mommy Makeover?

iStock 936332134 300x200 1 Moms. They seem to do it all. In all of the caretaking that mothers tend to do, there is often little time to address the cosmetic concerns that have resulted from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Let’s face it, the body also changes when Mom doesn’t get enough sleep or has little time to prepare the nutritious meals her body is craving. Plus, the body simply changes over time as hormones change and tissue everywhere starts to sag. A healthy lifestyle can do a lot for a mom and for her family. Still, it doesn’t always give her the body she wants. That’s why Mommy Makeovers have remained popular over the years. If you’re considering this treatment, you may have questions. We’ll answer a few common ones here. 

What is Involved in a Mommy Makeover?

One of the biggest questions we get from prospective Mommy Makeover patients is “what is involved in this treatment?” The answer is almost as easy as “whatever you’d like!” Some examples of what might craft your Mommy Makeover include:

  • Breast implants
  • Breast lift
  • Laser liposuction
  • Nonsurgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting
  • Arm lift
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Cellusmooth® cellulite treatment
  • ThermiTight® radiofrequency skin tightening

One of the advantages of a Mommy Makeover is that it revolves around you. During your consultation, you and Dr. Salzman have a thoughtful discussion about what you wish to achieve. From there, your makeover is customized just for you. 

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

It’s understandable that patients have thoughts about the cost of treatment far before they consult with a surgeon. The thing about the Mommy Makeover is that there are so many variables to consider that estimating treatment costs is impossible until our consultation. Once the treatment plan has been developed and we know the details involved, we can provide the cost breakdown that gives peace of mind. 

How Painful is a Mommy Makeover?

Next to costs, patients nearly always have the idea that recovery after a Mommy Makeover is painful. In the vast majority of cases, patients look back and laugh at the difference between what they expected and what they actually experienced. After a Mommy Makeover, patients can expect soreness and tenderness in all operative areas. When abdominoplasty is performed, the tummy feels tight and it doesn’t take 1 to 2 weeks for the tightness to resolve enough for mom to stand upright. This may be where the idea of pain comes in. From our experience, patients do quite well throughout their recovery when they rest as needed, do not overdo it, and take their prescription painkillers as directed. 

Having a Mommy Makeover is a big deal. We can help you make the best choice for your body. Contact our Louisville office at 502-425-5200 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Salzman. 

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Maximizing Your Tummy Tuck Results with Early Planning

copy of istock 856653702 300x300 1 Tummy tuck surgery offers some exciting rewards. With careful and early planning, patients who schedule abdominoplasty can maximize their outcomes. Here, we discuss the strategies that can help you get the most of your tummy tuck process. 

Choose the right technique for your body.

Fortunately, as you explore your surgical options, your surgeon will conduct a thorough consultation and physical examination before making recommendations. You are not on your own to determine which tummy tuck technique is right for you. Options that your surgeon may discuss include:

  • Mini tummy tuck. This abbreviated abdominoplasty technique focuses on the lower abdomen and requires a shorter incision in many cases. Due to the limited area of focus, the mini tummy tuck is not the most common approach to midsection contouring. 
  • Full tummy tuck. The full tummy tuck is the standard and most common approach to gaining better contours. This abdominoplasty technique requires incisions from hip to hip. These tend to fade nicely over time and, until they do, are hidden beneath a bikini or underwear. The benefit of full abdominoplasty is that this procedure smooths the midsection from the lower abdomen to the ribs. If needed, the surgeon can reposition the belly button. 
  • Extended tummy tuck. The extended tuck is often best suited for adults who have lost a significant amount of weight and have extra skin and moderate fat that extends from the front to the sides of the torso. 

Combine a tummy tuck with liposuction.

Abdominoplasty achieves the best results when the midsection holds minimal to moderate fatty tissue. When a patient leans toward the moderate end of that spectrum, a surgeon may recommend liposuction to decrease the layer of fat cells that lies over the muscle. By reducing excess fat, liposuction accentuates the final outcome of abdominoplasty. Some patients even see the six-pack they didn’t realize they had!

Plan surgery at the right time.

The primary factor that will affect the outcome of abdominoplasty is weight. This may look different than expected. Most people realize that weight gain can affect midsection circumference. Women know that pregnancy after abdominoplasty could result in subsequent muscle laxity or separation. What patients often overlook is that weight loss after abdominoplasty could also degrade the aesthetic results that surgery had achieved. Before undergoing a tummy tuck, a patient should be at their ideal weight.

Are you interested in learning more about what abdominoplasty can do for you? Schedule a visit to our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

Cosmetic Procedures for Men

copy of istock 877181202 300x300 1 In the past few decades, we’ve seen a number of changes in the field of aesthetic medicine. We went from surgical options for face and body to a plethora of nonsurgical treatments. Additionally, though aesthetic treatments were never only for women, we have seen an increase in the number of men obtaining various surgical and nonsurgical procedures. In 2019 alone, well over 1 million men underwent cosmetic procedures. Here, we discuss some of the most popular cosmetic treatments for men, and how they are performed to address the unique nature of the masculine form.

Facial Rejuvenation for Men

The general objective of facial rejuvenation procedures is to rejuvenate features without altering the natural facial structure. Here, small changes can achieve impressive results.

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Blepharoplasty has become one of the leading plastic surgery procedures across the board. This minimally-invasive technique, performed on the upper or lower eyelids, opens up eyes that have taken on a tired, angry, sad, or unfriendly appearance. Plastic surgeons take note of the unique slant of the eyes when performing blepharoplasty, as well as the bony structure of the face. To achieve the best results on the male face, a surgeon typically removes excess skin without pulling remaining skin too tight. Incision shape may also be slightly different.

Injectables for Men

Injectables have also taken up a critical space in aesthetic medicine. In this area, we use neuromodulators like Botox to smooth dynamic wrinkles such as crow’s feet and frown lines. Dermal fillers are injectables formulated to even out creases and accentuate the contours of crucial aspects of the face, such as the cheeks, nose, and jawline. Skilled injectors understand that men have thicker skin and musculature that affect the dosing and techniques used to rejuvenate the face with injectables. That said, men often benefit from the most conservative use of both neuromodulators and fillers. This approach leads to the most natural outcomes.

Body Procedures for Men

Like facial rejuvenation, body contouring is approached differently for men and women.


Men are susceptible to loosening skin, stubborn fat, and lax muscle tissue as they age. In some cases, the abdomen takes the brunt of the effects of getting older, holding on to stubborn fat and “love handles.” Abdominoplasty restores the firm, flat musculature and smooth midsection skin. In addition to improving appearance, this procedure can also address hernia issues and low back pain associated with poor muscle tone. Abdominoplasty is customized for each man to create natural looking proportions across the whole body.


When there is a fair amount of excess fat in the abdominal area, a surgeon may recommend liposuction with or without abdominoplasty. Liposuction is the minimally-invasive outpatient procedure that removes fat cells from a targeted area. While the midsection is a common area for liposuction, men also often seek this procedure to sculpt away a double-chin and neck fat. 

Contact us today at 502-425-5200 to learn more about our exceptional care and extensive menu of services.

How the Breasts Change after Augmentation Surgery

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Breast augmentation is a popular plastic surgery that is performed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. The entire purpose of the procedure is to change the breasts, but patients may be a bit surprised when they discover just how this all takes place. While enlargement is the expected outcome of breast augmentation, patients may be taken aback at their first follow-up when they see their surgical results for the first time. At this visit, the breasts often look very firm and very high, making them then look larger than anticipated. This is a normal occurrence, so we will discuss here how the breasts settle over time. 

How Breast Implants Settle

High-sitting breasts after breast augmentation are very normal, even more so when implants are inserted sub-muscularly. The high-seated position is a result of tightness around the implants. Natural fatty tissue and skin can cause this to some degree, but we see it more frequently with under-the-muscle placement primarily because muscle tissue is denser and more inflexible than fat and skin. Until the muscle can acclimate to the shape of the implants, it is relatively tight around them, pressing them upward and creating a somewhat unrealistically voluminous upper pole.

Over time, the muscle gradually relaxes its tightness around the implants. As this happens, the breast implants can drop into a more natural position. We call this settling or “dropping and fluffing.” The second term, dropping and fluffing, describes the descent of breast implants into their natural pocket and the slight spreading that happens across the lower region of the breast. The result of breast implant settling is a beautifully natural appearance. 

How and When Does Settling Occur?

Something that breast augmentation patients should be aware of is that settling doesn’t happen the same way for everyone. So, if you are scheduled for breast augmentation and you have a friend who has had the same procedure, don’t expect your recovery to be exactly the same. Often, patients notice that one breast settles more quickly than the other. Asymmetry is very common and will resolve as the breasts shift into their natural shape. In the meantime, patients must be, well, patient. 

Breast augmentation is one of Dr. Salzman’s most frequently-performed procedures. To schedule your consultation, call our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

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Three Things You Need After Plastic Surgery

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Whether you are interested in correcting the signs of aging with a facelift or enhancing the shape of your body with liposuction, abdominoplasty, or breast augmentation, or are considering a completely different type of procedure, you want to know how to recover well. Most of our patients have questions about recovery during their very first appointment for plastic surgery. While each patient receives post-operative instructions that are unique to their procedure, there are a few other must-haves that we like them to know. We’ll fill you in on them here. 

Regardless of the type of plastic surgery you have, you need the following:


We understand how obvious this sounds that the body needs a lot of rest after surgery. However, we’re putting it front and center for a reason. Just because patients are told to listen to their bodies and to rest as much as they need does not mean they absorb the message. On average, a healthy body needs about 7 ½ hours of sleep a night. After plastic surgery, a person may need about 10 hours of sleep a night for about a week. Even with that, they may also feel like napping during the day.

Allowing rest can be one of the most challenging aspects of surgical recovery. We’re not taught the value of rest and therefore tend to have an inherent struggle with it. However, keep in mind that the body heals when we sleep. After surgery, deep tissue is forming into a new internal structure. The skin is sealing along incision lines and scar tissue is forming where needed. For this process to occur as efficiently as possible, it is crucial to rest. 


Your recovery period after plastic surgery is not the time to tip back a few cold ones or relax at night with a glass of wine. It’s also not the time to hit up fast-food delivery because you don’t feel like cooking. Understandably, you don’t feel like cooking. This is why we recommend making meals ahead of time that you can throw together or heat up as needed. Think salads, smoothies, bean and vegetable soup, omelettes, and lean meats. Nuts and fruit provide a nutritious snack that helps the body heal through antioxidants and healthy fats. 


Note that mobility is not the same as exercise. For the first few weeks after plastic surgery, intense cardio, stretching, and lifting should be avoided. However, the body does need to move. A slow walk every day, even a few times a day, promotes good circulation, which is necessary to avoid blood clots. Daily mobility also helps alleviate or prevent the constipation that can occur after anesthesia and while taking prescription pain medication. Don’t work up a sweat, but get out and get moving. 

Dr. Salzman is proud to serve patients from the Louisville area. To learn more about our plastic surgery services, call 502-425-5200 and schedule a consultation. 

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Making Your Facelift Even Better

istock 925256690 1 300x300 1 For many years, facelift surgery has been a common way to correct the signs of aging. While new and sophisticated technologies have been developed in the past couple of decades, we still receive a large number of inquiries about surgical facial rejuvenation. A leading plastic surgeon serving patients in Louisville and environs, Dr. Salzman performs several facelift techniques. Each case is developed around unique needs and, often, patients consider the various ways they can enhance the outcome of their procedure. It doesn’t always take additional surgical procedures to make the most of a facelift. Here, we discuss a few conservative treatments that can take a facelift and make it even better. 

Dermal Fillers

You may be wondering why you would want dermal fillers after getting a facelift. The procedure itself repositions tissue across the cheek area. Isn’t that enough? It might be enough for the cheeks, yes. A facelift also lifts the tissue that has begun to sag at the jawline. The repositioning also smooths the creases the form around the nose and mouth, though it may not eliminate them completely. That’s where dermal fillers come in. Some people get dermal fillers after their facelift to restore soft plumpness to lips that have deflated with age. Some have the tiny lines around the mouth corrected with fillers. Some get fillers to fill in areas that have become hollow, such as the temples or under the eyes. The best part is that treatment is quick and requires no downtime. 


As advantageous as a facelift can be for the sides of the jaw, this procedure may not eliminate submental fullness to the degree that a patient desires. Submental fullness is known as a double chin. This common problem can be corrected with liposuction but, if you’d prefer not to add a second surgical procedure to your facelift, CoolSculpting is a great option. You may need 2 or more sessions to eradicate the fat cells that are causing the double chin. However, like liposuction, CoolSculpting gets rid of the unwanted fat for good. 

There are several ways to enhance the effects of even the best facelift. To explore your options for beautiful facial rejuvenation, call our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

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Now is a Great Time for Laser Hair Removal

copy of istock 921451416 1 300x300 1 Summertime will be here before we know it and, when it arrives, we want to be ready. There are many ways we can be. One is to get unwanted hair under control once and for all. At Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa, patients benefit from our high standard of care and use of the latest technology. Here, we discuss more about the laser hair removal process.

Why People Choose Laser Hair Removal

Most adults shave at least one body part at least once a week. Some shave daily. This habit can get old very quickly. More than that, shaving presents risks for unpleasant side effects, too. Laser hair removal achieves lasting results, but that isn’t the only reason people choose this treatment. Here are a few more:

  • Treatment is quick. You may be asking how laser hair removal could possibly be described as quick when it requires several visits. We say it’s quick because most people start to see smoother, silkier skin within a week or two after their first treatment. Because laser light vaporizes hair and also affects the hair follicles, hair growth is diminished after just one session.
  • Lasers are precise. Shaving is susceptible to user-error, let’s just face it. You may miss a few sections now and then. Laser hair removal delivers waves of intense light into hundreds of hair follicles at a time. The results are consistent, uniform hair reduction.
  • Sessions are comfortable. During laser hair removal, it is common to feel some warmth or a few zaps. Some areas are more sensitive than others. However, laser hair removal works differently than shaving and waxing. It doesn’t pull hair from the follicle; it vaporizes it instantly. For some people, laser hair removal puts an end to skin irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • Many areas can be treated. Laser devices have precise handpieces that can target large and small areas. Hair removal can be customized to any area, from the back to the ears. From the nose or upper lip to the toes, and everywhere in between. Laser hair removal can address areas of unwanted hair that a razor just wouldn’t work well.

Who Gets Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal was once an option only for a select group of people based on their complexion. Because this treatment works by targeting the pigment in hair, contrast between the hair and skin is necessary. People with darker, coarser hair may get better results faster. However, people with lighter, finer hair can also see improvement from laser hair removal. It may take more sessions to reach the intended outcome, but it is usually possible.

Schedule your laser hair removal now to be ready for summer. Call our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

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Switching Things Up after Breast Augmentation

istock 948728204 Many patients who undergo breast augmentation do so with the idea that this will be their only surgery. If and when the time comes that they wish to or need to switch things up, they may be somewhat surprised. If you’re one of those patients who is feeling the pangs of restlessness about your breasts, it is wise to consult with a board-certified plastic surgery. Breast implant removal or exchange may be just what you need to feel your best.

Reasons for Revision Breast Surgery

Patients undergo revision breast surgery for several different reasons. Common factors that influence this decision include:

  • A desire for a different type of implant. Women under the age of 22 have only one option for breast augmentation: saline implants. After some time, many of them schedule revision surgery to switch from saline to silicone.
  • Size change. Many breast augmentation patients are afraid of going too big, so they choose a smaller implant size. However, once they get used to the enhancement, patients often say they wish they had chosen more fullness. Revision surgery can accomplish this.
  • Change of placement. When undergoing revision surgery to replace one type or size of implant with another, patients may also choose to switch up the location of their implants. This often involves placing new implants under the muscle after the first set had been over the muscle.
  • Breast implant removal. In recent years, surgeons have treated more patients who have decided no to replace their breast implants but to have them removed. Breast implant removal may coincide with a breast lift to achieve optimal shape for the reduced size.
  • Capsular contracture. The body naturally forms a bit of scar tissue around foreign objects. In this instance, a thin envelop of scar tissue forms around the breast implants. In most cases, scar tissue does not pose a problem. However, some patients develop thicker, more rigid scar tissue that is referred to as capsular contracture. Revision surgery can remove the scar tissue and replace breast implants, usually through the original incisions.

Are you a Candidate for Revision Breast Surgery?

You don’t have to have a big reason for wanting to switch things up after breast augmentation. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms of capsular contracture or want to modify the size or another aspect of your breast implants, Dr. Salzman can help. He has served patients in the Louisville area for over twenty years and offers a straightforward approach that can help you determine the best care for your needs. Call 502-425-5200 to schedule your consultation.

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