What Is The Difference Between Ageless and Fusion Facelifts?

Beauty woman in a white shirt with long and shiny wavy hair As your body ages, it begins to produce less of the molecules and substances that give your skin its elasticity and ability to rebound from stretching and movement. The loss of this collagen in your face can lead to drooping and sagging skin.

While many minimally and non-invasive treatments can slow or reverse these effects, most of these treatment options only work well when treatment is started early. And since the results from these treatments are temporary, repeat appointments are required to keep the same look.

For more moderate to severe aesthetic effects from aging, surgical procedures might be worth the recovery and risk to achieve the results you want permanently. Facelift procedures are safe and effective and can permanently reverse the drooping and sagging of the skin on your face.

Facelift procedures have been safely performed for many years. However, advancements in medical technologies and techniques have led to enhancements in the methods, making them more effective while shortening recovery time.

One type of facelift procedure is the Ageless™ mini-lift. The procedure works best when addressing early signs of aging before the skin becomes more significantly stretched or loose. Instead of a long incision over the entire head, Dr. Salzman uses a series of smaller incisions to allow internal sutures to pull and tighten the facial muscles and skin.

To address more moderate signs of aging, a Fusion Facelift not only tightens the skin on the face, but the laser resurfacing performed once the skin is sutured in place helps to stimulate additional collagen growth, as well as reveal healthy and younger-looking skin. This help to reduce the scarring associated with the procedure and give a more holistic improvement to the skin.

Both of these procedures have a recovery much shorter than traditional facelift surgeries, with most patients able to return to their everyday lives within 10 days. If you are considering cosmetic surgery to reduce the signs of aging on your face, call Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa in Louisville, KY, at 502-425-5200 or visit www.itbecomesyou.com to find the right procedure for you.

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