Breast Augmentation

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Is Breast Augmentation Right For You?

woman with a delicate skin dressed in white lace underwear bra When you hear the words “breast augmentation,” images of fake-looking implants and trite procedures may come to mind. But with more than 300,000 women receiving breast implants annually, it’s clear that this cosmetic procedure is anything but fake. In fact, breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the United States today. If you’re interested in learning more about whether breast augmentation is right for you, read on! In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common reasons women choose to get a breast implant and what to consider before making your final decision.

Why do women choose to get a breast implant?

Before you decide to get a breast implant, it’s important to think about why you want this procedure. You may be considering breast augmentation if you’re unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts. This can occur for a variety of reasons and can be caused by genetics, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight changes. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your breasts, you’re not alone! One study found that about a third of women reported being unhappy with the size of their breasts. If you’re struggling with feelings of low self-confidence due to the size or shape of your breasts, getting a breast implant can help you feel more positive about your body.

What does breast augmentation involve?

Before you book your appointment, it’s important to understand what the breast augmentation procedure involves. Dr. Salzman will place a breast implant inside your breast tissue during the procedure. There are two main types of breast implants: silicone and saline.

  • Silicone implants: Silicone implants contain a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel.
  • Saline implants: Saline implants are filled with a sterile saline solution.

Implants are placed either above or below your breast tissue (subglandular or subpectoral, respectively) in a pocket that is created during the procedure. Silicone breast implants have been used for decades and are the most commonly used breast implants. Saline breast implants are generally recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

Which type of implant is right for you?

There are many factors to consider when deciding which type of implant is right for you. If you are breastfeeding, saline implants are a better option as they are not made with silicone, which can be passed to your baby through breast milk. Other considerations may include:

  • Your body type: If you have a larger frame, we may recommend a larger implant to maintain the balance of your silhouette.
  • Your desired look: Do you want your breasts to be larger or smaller? Some women choose to get both breasts augmented at once while others opt for one at a time.
  • Your health: Your overall health will affect the healing process and determine if you’re a good candidate for breast augmentation. Your doctor will assess your health and determine if breast augmentation is safe for you.

Bottom Line

Breast augmentation is a safe and effective procedure that can help many women achieve the body that they desire. Before you decide to get breast implants, it’s important to consider your reasons for the procedure, your options for the procedure, and the potential risks and side effects of the procedure.

If you are interested in breast augmentation, contact Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa today! Call us at 502-425-5200 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Salzman. Our practice serves Louisville, KY, and surrounding areas.

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Am I Too Old for Breast Augmentation?

woman body chest breast with bra We’ve all heard the saying, “age is nothing but a number,” and this statement is undoubtedly true for breast augmentation surgery. There is no age limit for breast augmentation surgery, and feeling great about your appearance doesn’t just apply to women in their 20s and 30s. There are a few advantages to completing this procedure in your 40s, 50s, or beyond.

Age-related Body Changes

As we age, our bodies adjust to changes in hormone levels. While the choices we make in our youth and as younger adults can profoundly impact how we age, some changes are unavoidable no matter how well we take care of ourselves. 

Skin thins and loses elasticity with age, and the layer of fat right below the skin shrinks, causing volume depletion in many critical areas throughout the body, including the breasts. While these changes can be concerning, they are a natural result of decreased estrogen production.

Advantages of Breast Augmentation

Due to elasticity loss, it is common to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation for older women. Breast lift surgery eliminates sagging and can help create a perkier and more youthful appearance.

The psychological benefits of breast augmentation surgery are well documented and include improved self-image and self-esteem. Most women also experience a boost in self-confidence after surgery. Few people are aware of the changes in posture that can result from breast augmentation. 

A recent study found that breast augmentation can positively impact a person’s posture. Research indicates this benefit may be due to alignment changes with the center of gravity within the upper body, between the head and the hips. However, the contribution of the psychological benefit of the procedure is substantial.

Contact Us for a Consultation

Young adults do not have a monopoly on the self-confidence of being proud of their bodies. If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky, area and would like more information about breast augmentation, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Salzman of Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa, by calling 502-425-5200 today. 

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Does Breast Augmentation Hurt?

sexy young woman model in sexy dress Deciding to have breast augmentation should be an exciting time, not one that is overshadowed by questions and worries. Because this procedure is so common and there is so much information available for patients seeking this type of breast enhancement, some feel shy about asking what may be most pressing to them. In many cases, what concerns patients is the idea of breast augmentation being painful. Whether or not a patient asks about pain during their consultation, they are usually thinking it. So, preemptively, we will provide our clearest and most thoughtful response.

Breast Augmentation: What Should I Expect?

Is breast augmentation surgery painful? The first aspect of treatment is the surgical procedure itself. Breast augmentation is performed with general anesthesia, a form of sedation that interrupts the reception of pain signals from the body to the brain. The brain does not receive these signals, so the patient does not feel any pain. A nice side effect of general anesthesia is that the patient has no recollection of the time surrounding their procedure. General anesthesia is safe and has been widely used in even the most complex surgical procedures for many years. Not only are patients protected from pain, but they are closely monitored throughout surgery to safely maintain the effects of anesthesia.

Does breast augmentation hurt? The next aspect of breast augmentation is surgical recovery. Here is when patients will actively engage in pain management. What typically happens after surgery is that the patient feels a heaviness in their chest. This is in part to the pressure of the breast implants against muscle, connective tissue, and skin. It is also in part to the pressure of the compression garment applied after surgery. Heaviness may feel odd and it may feel uncomfortable but it isn’t usually painful. It is also normal to experience tenderness at incision sites, and general soreness in the chest area. Again, compression is a friend in the attainment of comfort. So is the pain medication that is prescribed for the initial days of recovery. Patients are strongly encouraged to take their prescription painkillers as directed so they do not have to endure unnecessary, stressful pain. In about a week’s time, it is very likely that comfort will improve enough to switch to over-the-counter pain relievers.

Breast augmentation is one of our most popular surgeries. The effects of a well-planned, well-performed surgery can be life-changing in the best ways. To schedule your consultation at our Louisville plastic surgery practice, contact us at 502-425-5200.

Breast Augmentation Questions Every Patient Should Ask

iStock 1277317804 Breast augmentation has been widely sought-after for decades. This single procedure holds the potential to significantly improve a woman’s body proportions and satisfaction with her appearance. What is interesting about this procedures is that, being as popular as it is, prospective patients often don’t ask the questions that they should. They may either think they know or think they should know. Neither is correct and these viewpoints could lead to one of those “wish I had known” situations. Here, we point out that it’s not a good idea to make assumptions about breast augmentation by discussing a few questions that are worth asking.

  1. Will my breasts still look natural after breast augmentation?

Women who wish they liked their breasts better sometimes also hesitate to see a plastic surgeon because they mistakenly believe that breast implants will look fake. There was a time when the chance of this may have been relatively high. However, today, a skilled surgeon considers multiple aspects of the patient’s body, their desired outcome, lifestyle, and breast implant characteristics when planning surgery. The choice is no longer simply between silicone or saline implants, but between various shapes, sizes, profiles, and other characteristics. Ultimately, the time spent talking with an experienced surgeon lays the foundation for breast augmentation results that look so natural no one can tell. 

  1.           What is the Right Age for Breast Implants?

Potential breast implant patients want to ask this question because silicone implants are not approved for patients under the age of 22. Still, there is more to the question. Sometimes, women may assume that they are too old to enhance their breasts with breast implants. There is no rule about this and it can be just as satisfying to correct deflation caused by age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding as it can be to enlarge naturally small breasts. Regardless of age, a healthy woman with realistic expectations is usually a great candidate for breast augmentation.  

  1.           Is Breast Augmentation the Right Choice for Me?

This question isn’t just about whether one should enlarge their breast size or not but whether their breasts need more than enlargement. The breasts can be heavy, and heavy breasts can pull on the skin, making the breast mound droopy. In some cases, it is not enough to just restore volume (and thus weight) to the breasts. Some women need a lift, a procedure that reduces the superficial pocket over the breast mound, to achieve naturally youthful, full, perky breasts. 

There are far too many questions about breast augmentation to answer in a blog post. Often, one question leads to another, then another, which is advantageous! That’s why we suggest contacting our Louisville office at 502-425-5200 and arranging a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Salzman. 

How the Breasts Change after Augmentation Surgery

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Breast augmentation is a popular plastic surgery that is performed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. The entire purpose of the procedure is to change the breasts, but patients may be a bit surprised when they discover just how this all takes place. While enlargement is the expected outcome of breast augmentation, patients may be taken aback at their first follow-up when they see their surgical results for the first time. At this visit, the breasts often look very firm and very high, making them then look larger than anticipated. This is a normal occurrence, so we will discuss here how the breasts settle over time. 

How Breast Implants Settle

High-sitting breasts after breast augmentation are very normal, even more so when implants are inserted sub-muscularly. The high-seated position is a result of tightness around the implants. Natural fatty tissue and skin can cause this to some degree, but we see it more frequently with under-the-muscle placement primarily because muscle tissue is denser and more inflexible than fat and skin. Until the muscle can acclimate to the shape of the implants, it is relatively tight around them, pressing them upward and creating a somewhat unrealistically voluminous upper pole.

Over time, the muscle gradually relaxes its tightness around the implants. As this happens, the breast implants can drop into a more natural position. We call this settling or “dropping and fluffing.” The second term, dropping and fluffing, describes the descent of breast implants into their natural pocket and the slight spreading that happens across the lower region of the breast. The result of breast implant settling is a beautifully natural appearance. 

How and When Does Settling Occur?

Something that breast augmentation patients should be aware of is that settling doesn’t happen the same way for everyone. So, if you are scheduled for breast augmentation and you have a friend who has had the same procedure, don’t expect your recovery to be exactly the same. Often, patients notice that one breast settles more quickly than the other. Asymmetry is very common and will resolve as the breasts shift into their natural shape. In the meantime, patients must be, well, patient. 

Breast augmentation is one of Dr. Salzman’s most frequently-performed procedures. To schedule your consultation, call our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

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Breast Surgery is Always on Trend

istock 679739906 Some people love to follow trends in fashion and beauty. It can be fun, even fascinating, to see how styles come and go. One year, we’re all about the bootcut jeans. The next, we won’t wear anything but slim-fit. The trends that we see in the area of beauty don’t end with what we wear or hair we style our hair. Trends have also influenced how people approach plastic surgery. Though some minor details of breast enhancement have changed over time, one thing remains certain: breast enhancement is always on-trend. Here, we point out why that may be.

  1. It doesn’t take much to recover from breast surgery. Whether you want breast surgery to gain volume and shape, reduce size, or give yourself a lift, you can expect to spend only a few weeks in a recovery phase. During these few weeks, you may take prescription pain medication for a couple of days. Most patients switch to over-the-counter medication within a week. Other restrictions include avoiding exercise for up to 6 weeks, resuming gradually beginning about one month after surgery. You may be ready to return to work 7 to 10 days after your breast surgery.
  2. Breast surgeries are safe. The various breast procedures that are commonly performed today are safe, with few potential risks. Breast implants have been enhanced over time to achieve a beautiful shape with little risk of silicone leakage in the event of a rupture. This comes thanks to the development of cohesive gel implants.
  3. The results look and feel natural. Trends in breast surgery have changed somewhat. A few decades ago, women who had breast enlargement looked like they had breast enlargement! Today, virtually every patient we meet asks for enhancement that suits their natural body-frame. The ideal look and feel are achieved through multiple details, from implant type to projection to material.

Breast Surgery is in Style Because it Revolves around You!

If you’re looking for lasting, classic beauty through your breast enhancement journey, we are here to make it happen. Call our Louisville, KY office at 502-425-5200 to schedule your consultation.

Breast Augmentation: A Woman’s Choice

Breast shape and size is integral to a woman’s sense of herself. For many years, women have gained psychological and social benefits from enhancing their breasts. Dr. Salzman has helped many women go from point A to point B with ease and has noticed that, like other areas of society, trends have impacted women’s choices in breast size over the years.

In the early time of breast augmentation, we didn’t have the technologies that we have today. Women wanting breast enlargement consulted with their plastic surgeon to discuss their concerns and their desired results from surgery. As society became more familiar with breast enhancement via implant devices, we saw an increase in breast size across the board. Thirty or so years ago, during the 1980s, many women’s breast implants often looked obvious. Ten to fifteen years later, we saw a lean to the other extreme, if we could call it that. Women wanted larger breasts, but not noticeably larger, so they often chose augmentation that increased only about a cup size. Today, we’re finding a middle ground. We’re also finding out who influences women’s choices in breast size. Not surprisingly, it’s other women.

One of the important issues discussed during breast augmentation consultation visits is a woman’s motivation for enhancing breast size. It is important to plastic surgeon’s that patients are choosing to alter their bodies for personal reasons and not to please anyone else. So how does women’s influence fit?

Women have always been influenced, both directly and indirectly, by others of the same sex. On a direct level, women often talk to their friends, family, and coworkers about personal matters. In these conversations, it may be revealed that someone close to the patient has had breast augmentation. In a large percentage of cases, these women state that they would choose larger implants if they had it to do over again. This can be insightful, but patients should be mindful of the particulars that differentiate their shape from others’.

Indirectly, women are influenced by what they see in magazines, movies, television, and on social media. This can be relevant to choosing breast implant size because the clothing styles that are preferred by every patient look the way they do in part due to the model’s shape. Just as fashion trends have changed time and time again, so have trends in what is deemed attractive in terms of body shape. These trends can influence common breast implant choices.

We Help You Choose What’s Right for You

Breast augmentation is a process that begins with choice. To explore your options for breast implant sizes, shapes, and profiles, schedule a visit to our Louisville office at 502-425-5200.

Breast Enhancement: What Are You After?

The term breast enhancement usually has us envisioning enlargement. In truth, the breasts may be enhanced in a few different ways. Here, we discuss two common procedures, breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, to identify what each can and cannot do. Understanding the objectives of each technique can help you determine which will give you the results you’re after.

If You Want Fuller, Larger Breasts

As you may have guessed, breast augmentation is the primary technique that is used to add more volume to the breasts. We do this by inserting appropriately-sized implants beneath the breast tissue or muscle. The introduction of saline or silicone implants can improve the shape, symmetry, and all-over body proportions. Breast augmentation is ideal for women who:

  • Want larger breasts
  • Have relatively firm skin
  • Want to improve symmetry in the size or shape of their breasts

If you Want Younger-Looking Breasts

Some women still make the mistake of believing larger breasts will look younger. This is not so. With focus today being on natural-looking results, we sometimes have to suggest that a patient undergo a breast lift rather than breast augmentation or as a compliment to breast enlargement. To enlarge breasts that have started to sag without correcting tissue laxity would be to diminish the outcome of a much-anticipated surgery.

Are your breasts in need of a lift? One good way to know is to observe where your nipples point. If your nipples point downward, you probably need a lift. If your nipples point forward but seem to sit lower on the breasts, you may need a lift. Finally, if the crease below your breasts is obvious (breasts are drooping below it), you need a lift.

If you Want Optimal Results

Of course, every patient who seeks plastic surgery wants to achieve optimal results. In the case of breast enhancement, many women choose to both lift and enlarge their breasts when sagging has occurred. This combination achieves the best of both aspects, both fullness and overall projection and perkiness.

Dr. Salzman has been performing “No-Touch” and Quick Recovery breast augmentation surgery for more than 20 years. His techniques have been refined through years of practice to meet his philosophy of patient-centered care. To learn more about breast enhancement with our renowned Louisville plastic surgeon, call 502-425-5200.

How is Breast Revision Performed?

When a woman undergoes a breast augmentation surgery, most of the time, she does not plan on getting a second surgery for some time. However, it is good to be aware that breast implants are not lifetime devices. Breast implants can last for 10 years or longer, but eventually, a revision may be required.

Most of the time, a breast implant revision requires getting rid of the breast implants and placing new implants. Usually, the goal is to improve or change the appearance of your breasts while updating the material of the implants. The changes sought by a breast revision surgery include:

  • A concurrent reduction or breast lift
  • Reshaping of the breast implant pocket in order to reposition the implants in the chest
  • Decreasing and increasing the style, shape, and size of breast implant

The Desire to Undergo a Breast Revision Procedure May Stem from:

  • Desire of changing the breast size
  • The pain caused by capsular contracture
  • Concern of migration or rupture of the implants
  • Desire for a different implant type

Breast implant revision must be tailored according to the desires and goals of the patient. The surgery should also always be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience and training in different types of breast surgery procedures. Your surgeon should start by listening to your desires and goals and then developing a surgical plan to address the issues arising from the first surgery.

What to Expect from a Revision Surgery

A revision breast augmentation can offer certain challenges due to the scar tissue present from the initial procedure. The surgeon will be dealing with tissue stretching and an anatomical change that took place because of the old implants. A skilled surgeon like Dr. Salzman has the experience necessary to deliver safe and satisfying results from your revision procedure.

Are you interested in learning more about breast revision surgery? Contact our office today to schedule your consultation appointment!

Why Choose Breast Revision?

Despite yours and your plastic surgeon’s best efforts, sometimes complications still happen. This can happen after a breast augmentation procedure, even though breast augmentations are some of the most popular and often-performed plastic surgeries. Although the chances of breast implant surgery going wrong are very low, in very sparse percentages it does go wrong. During a breast revision surgery, a new or different type or size of implant is surgically-placed with correction to the breasts if needed.

Why Choose Breast Revision Surgery?

Dr. Salzman is an expert consultant for breast revision candidates and has plenty of experience in improving the results of an already-completed breast augmentation surgery. A few of the reasons for which people often go for breast revision include:


Although your plastic surgeon may be an expert breast surgeon, the chance of complication is never zero. Your body may respond in unpredictable ways and cause capsular contracture, which is the most common form of complication from implant surgery. This occurs when scar tissue forms around the implant and results in a hard shell encapsulating the breast implant. This can cause it to shift out of place or migrate around the breast. Rotation of the implant or rupture are also common reasons for undergoing breast revision.

Unfavorable Results

Technology has come a long way, but it can still be difficult to judge how your final results will look. This can change over time, with the implants eventually becoming unfavorable due to the way your body changes. You may even realize that your implants are too small or too large as your results become apparent, or that you prefer a different shape. In any case, Dr. Salzman can help you select a better-suited implant or treatment plan during a breast revision consultation.

New Technology

Because breast implants are so popular, the technology is constantly developing, meaning new implants may be available at any point in the future. Sometimes, new and better implants come along that may be better suited for your goals and anatomy, in which case they can be swapped out during a breast revision.

Scheduling A Consultation

Whatever your reason for opting for breast revision, you can achieve a second chance at your cosmetic goals. Dr. Salzman can help you plan your ideal procedure during a consultation at our Louisville office. To schedule a consultation, contact our office by calling or filling out our online form.

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