Safe And Effective Body Contouring Without Stitches Or Surgery

shirtless man in a swimsuit with a towel on his shoulder entering sauna Even at a healthy body weight, stubborn and unwanted body fat can leave you still wanting a more toned and sculpted appearance. In many cases, the loss of overall body fat can leave some areas thin and toned while the remaining fat accumulates in others, along with the appearance of cellulite.

With a busy schedule, you might also be concerned that treatments to improve your aesthetic appearance and help you achieve that sculpted look will disrupt your everyday life or need a lengthy recovery.

As more minimally and non-invasive dermal and aesthetic treatments are developed, it is becoming easier to fit treatments into even the busiest schedules. While some treatments best target one aesthetic condition, others provide more holistic results.

Cellusmooth® treatments are a minimally invasive way to significantly reduce cellulite’s appearance while also helping to tighten and tone the overlying skin. Although Cellusmooth® does require the use of tiny needles, unlike other non-invasive treatments, it provides excellent results without stitches or a long or restrictive recovery.

During the in-office treatment, Dr. Salzman will use tiny needles to inject a numbing medication and a cannula. Laser energy is then used to break apart the adhesions that cause the depressions or dimples, which are the visible signs of cellulite.

The laser energy, in combination with the specific amount of adrenaline injected into the treatment site, gently heats the skin and surrounding tissue. This tightens the overlying skin, as well as helps to stimulate the growth of collagen below.

Not only does Cellusmooth® safely and effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it can also leave the treated area with tighter and toned skin. Although there may be mild bruising and swelling, these are temporary and will subside in a few days after the treatments.

If you want a more sculpted and toned look without stitches or surgery, call Dr. Marc Salzman at Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa in Louisville, KY, at 502-425-5200 or visit to learn more about Cellusmooth® and how it can help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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