Breast Enhancement: What Are You After?

The term breast enhancement usually has us envisioning enlargement. In truth, the breasts may be enhanced in a few different ways. Here, we discuss two common procedures, breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, to identify what each can and cannot do. Understanding the objectives of each technique can help you determine which will give you the results you’re after.

If You Want Fuller, Larger Breasts

As you may have guessed, breast augmentation is the primary technique that is used to add more volume to the breasts. We do this by inserting appropriately-sized implants beneath the breast tissue or muscle. The introduction of saline or silicone implants can improve the shape, symmetry, and all-over body proportions. Breast augmentation is ideal for women who:

  • Want larger breasts
  • Have relatively firm skin
  • Want to improve symmetry in the size or shape of their breasts

If you Want Younger-Looking Breasts

Some women still make the mistake of believing larger breasts will look younger. This is not so. With focus today being on natural-looking results, we sometimes have to suggest that a patient undergo a breast lift rather than breast augmentation or as a compliment to breast enlargement. To enlarge breasts that have started to sag without correcting tissue laxity would be to diminish the outcome of a much-anticipated surgery.

Are your breasts in need of a lift? One good way to know is to observe where your nipples point. If your nipples point downward, you probably need a lift. If your nipples point forward but seem to sit lower on the breasts, you may need a lift. Finally, if the crease below your breasts is obvious (breasts are drooping below it), you need a lift.

If you Want Optimal Results

Of course, every patient who seeks plastic surgery wants to achieve optimal results. In the case of breast enhancement, many women choose to both lift and enlarge their breasts when sagging has occurred. This combination achieves the best of both aspects, both fullness and overall projection and perkiness.

Dr. Salzman has been performing “No-Touch” and Quick Recovery breast augmentation surgery for more than 20 years. His techniques have been refined through years of practice to meet his philosophy of patient-centered care. To learn more about breast enhancement with our renowned Louisville plastic surgeon, call 502-425-5200.

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