Tighten Up for the New Year

New year, new you, right? This is what a lot of people feel motivated to achieve at this time of year. It’s hard to avoid those internal nudges to commit to some type of personal improvement as a new series of months approaches. Rather than commit to several hours a week in a sweat-filled gym (or alongside that), we suggest another way to tighten up.

With age, the skin’s volume and elasticity diminish. This results in deepening creases, flatter and flatter cheeks, a widening jawline, and jowls, to name a few new characteristics on the face. These are difficult problems to address with good eating and exercise habits. By the time we notice more significant tissue changes, the damage has already been done. While we might want to take action now rather than later, there is no reason to assume that means plastic surgery. In our Louisville office, that may mean nonsurgical skin tightening through SkinTyte treatment.

SkinTyte is an innovative method of inducing collagen and elastin. These are the two vital chemicals that keep skin firm and resilient. As they decline, the skin weakens, thins, and loosens. During a SkinTyte treatment, pulsed light technology targets the deep layers of the skin. Absorbed energy heats these layers, prompting an increase in cellular activity. This activity infuses the skin with more nourishing chemicals so it is restored to a more youthful appearance.

SkinTyte can achieve several benefits at once, including:

  • Improving skin tightness
  • Increasing the firmness of the skin
  • Restoring youthful facial contours
  • Decreasing the appearance of stretch marks
  • Softening lines and creases

What You Should Know

SkinTyte is an energy treatment that heats the deep layers of the skin. To ensure patient comfort, the provider applies a topical anesthetic for several minutes before commencing with treatment. Once the tissue has become desensitized, a hand-held applicator is passed over the skin. This applicator emits quick, intense pulses of light energy to permeate the epidermis. The process can take from 30 to 60 minutes.

After SkinTyte treatment, patients can expect their skin to be mildly red and plump. These minor side effects indicate the absorption of light energy. They typically fade within a few hours. There is no downtime needed to recover from SkinTyte treatment.

Long after the treatment has ended, the activated cells continue to produce a higher amount of collagen and elastin. This production can last for months, progressively remodeling the skin. Repeat treatments can be scheduled to further enhance the degree of skin-tightening achieved. The effects of treatment can last up to two years.

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