At Skin Spa by Salzman we have been using intense pulse light for many years to reduce the signs of skin discoloration. For the increase in red and brown color spots commonly seen in aging facial skin, certain wavelengths of visible light can be selectively absorbed in these colors and reduce their visibility.

Recent published studies out of Stanford University looked at a specific type of Broad Band Light application in not only reducing the visible signs of aging skin but at the reversing of the actual age of the skin with repeated light treatments. They biopsied patients who had a series of BBL® treatments and showed that the gene expression of proteins that were made after these light treatments were like those of a younger individual. So, not only did the skin look younger with a more uniform color, but also it was younger as measured by the types of proteins in the skin.

These BBL® treatments are done in the Skin Spa by Salzman by a laser technician or RN and require no anesthesia. We recommend a beginning series of 3-5 treatments to start and then 2-4 maintenance treatments per year thereafter. Each treatment takes about 45 minutes and has no downtime. You can read more about the Forever Young BBL® program here.

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