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Say Goodbye to Crepey Skin

istock 1146106730 One of the reasons that the skin looks good during our youth is because it is firm and supple. One of the aspects of suppleness is stretchiness. Skin that has stretch is less likely to wrinkle as a result of gravity, sleeping face-to-pillow, and routine movements like chewing and speaking. Of all the areas of the body, it is the face and neck that usually show signs of crepe-paper skin first. Being highly visible, these are areas you want to pamper with good care. Here, we discuss some of the powerful ways we help patients reduce the appearance of crepey skin.


You’ve probably heard of chemical peels. You’ve also probably heard of laser treatments. Both are powerful in their own rights. The MicroLaserPeel is an innovative treatment that corrects many of the same problems for which chemical peels and lasers are used. This office treatment uses ablative laser technology to stimulate tissue regeneration in the outermost layers of the skin. Patients need 3 to 4 days to allow side effects to resolve. The procedure can be performed a few times a year to sustain increased collagen production. With more collagen, the skin becomes thicker and so looks less crepey.


While SkinTyte is a nonablative broadband light treatment, it still achieves profound improvements in skin that has become crepey, loose, and saggy. This non-invasive procedure works through intense pulses of broadband light, which get absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Energy is transformed into heat, which causes collagen to constrict, firming the skin. More than constriction, though, SkinTyte also stimulates ongoing collagen proliferation that results in continued improvements for as long as six months.

ProFractional Laser Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is powerful because it can address multiple cosmetic problems at once. Our ProFractional laser is beneficial because it treats zones in the skin, creating microscopic channels of ablation across the treatment area. This results in improved firmness, thickness, radiance, and texture. ProFractional laser treatment can be performed on the face, neck, chest, and hands. It has been used to treat scars, wrinkles, skin laxity, crepiness, and more.

Skin tightening need not be complicated. We’ve got the options you need in our friendly Louisville, office. To schedule your consultation, call 502-425-5200.

Get the Lift You Want with ThermiRase

As we have learned through years of research and clinical practice, all wrinkles are not created equal. This is why such a wide selection of products and techniques have been developed. Some wrinkles need to be smoothed with volume or surgery while others need to be relaxed by targeting the muscles. Dynamic wrinkles often appear around the eyes. They include frown lines and also a drooping brow line. Historically, these issues have required surgery such as a forehead lift. With the development of Botox, we gained a nonsurgical, minimally-invasive solution. Now, we have ThermiRase, another nonsurgical option that does not involve chemicals to modulate tightened muscles.

Rather than soften muscle contraction with a neuromodulator like the botulinum toxin protein, ThermiRase smoothes dynamic wrinkles by disabling the nerves energetically. Like neuromodulators, ThermiRase allows tissue to smooth over time as muscles lose their ability to contract. Unlike neuromodulators, the ThermiRase technique achieves results that can last up to 18 months.

How it Works

To begin the procedure, a stimulator may be used to map out the nerves that need to be disabled. A local anesthetic is administered into the treatment area before a small laser probe is inserted just beneath the skin. This tiny probe emits low-level radiofrequency energy that affects the targeted nerves without harming the skin or surrounding subcutaneous tissue. The nerves absorb energy, which prevents them from sending signals to the muscles to contract. This process only needs to be conducted once to achieve long-lasting results.

Benefits of ThermiRase™

Patients appreciate the unique advantages offered by ThermiRase, such as:

  • Treatment time is limited to about thirty minutes.
  • Precision is achieved through nerve-mapping, targeting the nerves that create dynamic wrinkles.
  • This minimally-invasive treatment may prolong youthful skin, allowing some patients to postpone more aggressive solutions such as a brow lift.
  • ThermiRase has few associated risks compared to surgery.

There is no time like the present to give yourself the gift of enhanced beauty. To learn more about ThermiRase and what how it can rejuvenate your appearance, schedule a consultation in our Louisville office. Call 502-425-5200.

Tighten Up for the New Year

New year, new you, right? This is what a lot of people feel motivated to achieve at this time of year. It’s hard to avoid those internal nudges to commit to some type of personal improvement as a new series of months approaches. Rather than commit to several hours a week in a sweat-filled gym (or alongside that), we suggest another way to tighten up.

With age, the skin’s volume and elasticity diminish. This results in deepening creases, flatter and flatter cheeks, a widening jawline, and jowls, to name a few new characteristics on the face. These are difficult problems to address with good eating and exercise habits. By the time we notice more significant tissue changes, the damage has already been done. While we might want to take action now rather than later, there is no reason to assume that means plastic surgery. In our Louisville office, that may mean nonsurgical skin tightening through SkinTyte treatment.

SkinTyte is an innovative method of inducing collagen and elastin. These are the two vital chemicals that keep skin firm and resilient. As they decline, the skin weakens, thins, and loosens. During a SkinTyte treatment, pulsed light technology targets the deep layers of the skin. Absorbed energy heats these layers, prompting an increase in cellular activity. This activity infuses the skin with more nourishing chemicals so it is restored to a more youthful appearance.

SkinTyte can achieve several benefits at once, including:

  • Improving skin tightness
  • Increasing the firmness of the skin
  • Restoring youthful facial contours
  • Decreasing the appearance of stretch marks
  • Softening lines and creases

What You Should Know

SkinTyte is an energy treatment that heats the deep layers of the skin. To ensure patient comfort, the provider applies a topical anesthetic for several minutes before commencing with treatment. Once the tissue has become desensitized, a hand-held applicator is passed over the skin. This applicator emits quick, intense pulses of light energy to permeate the epidermis. The process can take from 30 to 60 minutes.

After SkinTyte treatment, patients can expect their skin to be mildly red and plump. These minor side effects indicate the absorption of light energy. They typically fade within a few hours. There is no downtime needed to recover from SkinTyte treatment.

Long after the treatment has ended, the activated cells continue to produce a higher amount of collagen and elastin. This production can last for months, progressively remodeling the skin. Repeat treatments can be scheduled to further enhance the degree of skin-tightening achieved. The effects of treatment can last up to two years.

Learn more about how you can tighten up your skin. Call 502-425-5200 to schedule your appointment with us.

Help for Undereye Bags

The undereye area is somewhat fragile. The thin skin and connective tissue beneath it are responsible for holding fat pads in place. Fatty tissue is vital under the eyes, as this prevents hollowing. However, when collagen and elastin depletion occurs, the lower eyelids can appear progressively puffier over time. Undereye bags are typically not a medical concern. They are, however, very concerning to those who have to see them every day.

If you are ready to put an end to dark circles, loose and saggy skin, and swollen tissue under your eyes, we should talk. We have equipped our Louisville practice with numerous devices and techniques to address the issue of undereye bags and circles, including:


This non-ablative laser treatment targets connective tissue and collagen-producing cells with pulses of broadband light. This energy gets absorbed into deeper layers of the skin, where a healing response is stimulated as the tissue heats up. The result of this healing response is tighter collagen fibers, more elastin in the skin, and smaller fat cells.


The Exilis radiofrequency device has been developed to dismantle fatty deposits beneath the skin and also stimulate collagen remodeling for improved tone and tightness. Both the Exilis and the Exilis Elite devices achieve outstanding results through the targeted use of monopolar radio waves. Having both devices allows us to customize treatment for moderate to severe tissue laxity.


A non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser, the Affirm platform uses two different wavelengths of light for maximum effect. The combination of 1440 and 1320 wavelength pulses targets both the superficial layer of tissue and cells in the dermis with thermal heat. As a result, surface imperfections like fine lines are improved and the skin’s foundation receives a boost of new collagen.


In recent years, dermal fillers have become a popular method of reducing the appearance of undereye bags. Unlike laser and light therapies, dermal fillers disguise bags by smoothing the transition between the upper cheek and lower eyelid. Injections are administered into what is called the tear trough area; this is the crease that sits below the undereye bag. The crease is smoothed when hyaluronic acid particles in the filler bind to water molecules. Results of treatment can last up to 2 years.

Undereye bags don’t have to be a concern anymore. Discover your ideal treatment by consulting with one of our friendly, experienced providers. Call 502-425-5200 to schedule your consultation.

How Cosmetic Treatments are Helping Men Feel Their Best

It has become increasingly apparent that men aren’t much different than women when it comes to how they look. We all feel good when we like how we look. In our Louisville plastic surgery practice, we understand this. We also understand that it doesn’t have to be difficult to correct some of the most common cosmetic concerns. Here, we discuss some of the ways in which cosmetic treatments are helping men feel their best.

Correcting the Signs of Aging

Historically, society has had a much different view of male aging than the aging process of women. The signs of aging on a man’s face have been judged much less harshly than those that affect their female counterparts. However, men themselves are beginning to worry that those worry lines look much more tired than they do wise. Men of a certain age are also feeling the pressure of maintaining their edge in an ever-changing sea of professional competition. Cosmetic treatments are an excellent solution for many men.

Some of the common treatments that help men restore a youthful edge to their face include:

  • This injectable wipes away permanent frown lines and forehead lines.
  • Dermal fillers. In a brief treatment, dermal fillers can restore sharpness to the jawline.
  • Kybella injections gradually and naturally destroy fat cells that cause a double chin.
  • Neck liposuction and lift quickly and dramatically refresh the lower face.
  • Blepharoplasty restores a friendliness and alert appearance to the eyes.

Addressing Age-Related Body Changes

It isn’t only the face that draws in the eye. Many men visit our practice in search of better solutions to body concerns. Diet and exercise can’t always make up for the hormone shifts that lead to unwanted weight gain and muscle atrophy. Dr. Salzman and our staff provide surgical and nonsurgical solutions that men can appreciate. These include:

  • Male breast reduction. In recent years, thousands of men have obtained treatment to eliminate excess breast tissue. This process may include liposuction to sculpt the chest and, in some cases, the removal of the breast gland that is causing enlargement.
  • Men can up their workout game with EMSCULPT sessions that stimulate deep muscle contractions to the tune of 20,000 squats or crunches.
  • Stubborn fat can be removed from any part of the body using the latest, safest liposuction techniques.
  • Tattoo removal. Old tattoos or those that just don’t suit a man’s current status can be removed in a series of laser treatments.

There is no reason to live with cosmetic concerns that distract you from other aspects of life. Get the help you deserve with an experienced team of professionals. Call our Louisville office at 502-425-5200 to schedule your consultation.

All the Things Botox Can Do for You

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are many different procedures out there that help people with a multitude of concerns such as excess fat, excess skin, wrinkles, scar tissue, breathing problems, back pain, and more. If you pay attention to popular culture, then you have heard of Botox. It is one of most popular nonsurgical treatments available, helping thousands of people each year around the world. Actually, Botox is so popular that it is administered in 98 countries around the world. Botox initially was created to help people with crossed eyes; it was created to help relax the muscles around the eyes to straighten them out. Nowadays, it is most popular for helping to rid people of facial wrinkles. But that is not the only thing that Botox can be used for.

The Different Uses of Botox:

When you begin researching Botox, you will find that there are so many ways that it can help you out. It is not only used for wrinkles and cosmetic issues, but it can be used for multiple problems. The different uses are:

  • Cross Eyes
  • Wrinkles
  • Eyelid Spasms
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • TMJ
  • Drooling
  • Bell’s Palsy

As you can see from this list, there are many uses for Botox outside of just getting rid of wrinkles and crow’s feet. The toxin is able to help prevent muscles from contracting , essentially freezing them, which helps to take care of a lot of issues associated with the neck and head. If you are suffering from any of these problems, then Botox is a great way to help care for it.

Make It Work for You

Botox is well-known for helping to achieve firmer, younger looking skin, but it can also help with so much more. If you are struggling with an issue such as sweating, drooling, headaches, or eyelid spasms, then talk with Dr. Salzman, and he will help to find the best treatment for you. Botox isn’t only for wrinkles, but it might be an added benefit to the care that you need. Contact Dr. Salzman today to make an appointment and get ready to find a way that Botox can help you.




3 Things You Might Not Know About Botox®

Botox has become a wildly-popular cosmetic injectable over the past couple decades, but there are still a lot of myths and misinformation about it— this could be because most people most closely associate Botox with cosmetic treatments. In fact, Botox has a long and unique history of use before it became a popular cosmetic option! Here are a few interesting things to know about this injectable as you plan your consultation.

It Was First Used to Treat Strabismus

Strabismus, which is the term for misalignment of the eyes; and can sometimes require surgery. However, Botox became the preferred solution when it was first used in the 1970s to relax the eye muscles causing it. After FDA approval and clinical testing, it was sold to the pharmaceutical giant Allergan who developed it into the injectable widely used today. However, it still maintains its medical roots, since it’s used to treat many different conditions like migraines, muscle spasms, urinary incontinence, hyperhidrosis, and bruxism.

It’s Made with a Modified Form of Botulinum Toxin

Botulism is a serious condition that affects the nerves and thus the muscles in the body, and it can be caused by contact with toxins that can be produced by certain bacteria commonly found in foods or infections. However, paralyzing certain muscles can be beneficial to certain conditions, and so Botox is made from heavily-diluted botulinum toxin type A, which is one of the many types that exist. This means that Botox is safe and effective when administered by a licensed and experienced provider.

Virtually Any Medical Provider Can Administer It

Because Botox is so widely used for many different reasons, there’s little requirement for credentials when it comes to who can provide it. All physicians, no matter what specialty, can administer neurotoxins such as Botox. Nurses, nurse practicioners, and PA’s, depending on state laws may inject botox. You should beware that some counterfeit products also exist in order to undercut prices. You should always verify your chosen provider’s credentials, ask for before-and-after photos, and use common sense when it comes to cheap prices to make sure your injections will be safe and effective.

If you’re interested in seeing what Botox can do for you, contact our office in Louisville or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Salzman.

Why Choose Emsculpt®?

There are a lot of options when it comes to non-surgical body sculpting because many patients are finding great results. Emsculpt is the latest technology in this category to hit the market, but you should know what makes it different from other options like CoolSculpting® or Vanquish™, and why you should be sure to ask about it at your body sculpting consultation.

Build muscle while you lose fat

Although many other body sculpting treatments are effective at reducing stubborn fat in areas of the body that are prone to it, Emsculpt has an added benefit. This procedure uses electromagnetic energy to induce contractions in the muscle (similar to a workout) beyond what the muscle can achieve on its own. This not only burns fat but also forces the muscle to remodel itself to adapt to the contraction. With a few treatment sessions, you’ll notice an improvement in overall muscle tone and contours.

Augment your diet and exercise results

Emsculpt is a great option if you’re already working on slimming down and achieving the body you’ve always wanted because it can speed up your results and give you the progress you’ve been looking for. Emsculpt can also be a great way to jumpstart a new diet and exercise regimen if you’re looking to improve your body’s tone if it’s already at or near your ideal weight. You can still work towards your great results without downtime or recovery from a surgical procedure.

Use it along with other body sculpting procedures

Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to pairing your Emsculpt treatments with another non-surgical body sculpting procedure. Whether it’s CoolSculpting, Vanquish, or Exilis, you can plan your treatment plan with the help of our expert aestheticians to get the best results from these treatments. Although treatments like CoolSculpting might be spaced further apart than Emsculpt, you’ll find great results over a wider amount of time as you continue your diet and exercise regimen.

We’re proud to offer Emsculpt as an effective option for patients looking to achieve the body they’ve worked hard for. To learn more about this new technology, contact our office and schedule a consultation with our expert aesthetic staff who can begin planning the right body sculpting treatment plan for you.

Ablative vs Non-Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

Is your complexion looking less than fabulous? If so, you may be able to benefit from a laser procedure. Laser skin resurfacing can greatly diminish the effects of aged or sun damaged skin, acne scars, discoloration and other facial blemishes. There are two types of lasers that can be used during the procedure depending on the severity of your facial lines and blemishes.


If you are experiencing severe skin damage that covers a large part of your face, deep wrinkles, or acne scars, you will probably require ablative laser resurfacing. During this type of laser resurfacing, an intense beam of light is directed at the skin, destroying the damaged layer. The heat from the laser also causes collagen fibers to shrink, lessening the appearance of scars. Ablative laser resurfacing produces significant results, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you require this type of laser.

This is an outpatient procedure sometimes requiring a local or general anesthetic and can require up to a week of recovery and downtime. You may experience some symptoms such as swelling, scabbing, oozing, and redness.


If you have mild facial discoloration or blemishes, you might opt for a non-ablative laser. This type of laser resurfacing, because it is fractional in nature does not produce as dramatic results as ablative lasers; however, multiple treatments can still greatly diminish the look of brown spots, redness, and fine lines.

One major benefit of non-ablative laser resurfacing is that there is minimal downtime and very few side effects after. You may still experience some swelling and redness that should fade within a few days.

Are you interested in laser skin resurfacing to rejuvenate your complexion? If so, schedule a consultation at Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa to determine which type of laser skin resurfacing is right for you!

The Elleebana Lash Lift

The Elleebana Lash Lift is a treatment that curls and defines the lashes giving the appearance of long, lush lashes.  Lash and brow treatments have recently become all the rage and I wanted to learn the Elleebana lash Lift treatment specifically because the treatment enhances the natural lashes you already have, requiring little maintenance and results lasting 6-12 weeks depending on each person’s lash growth cycle.  (Latisse will affect the length of the results).  I’m especially excited that we are the first in the Louisville area to be offering this service to our clients!   The treatment takes about 1 hour to complete and the results are instantly fabulous!

The lashes are also tinted after the lift process making the lashes really pop and leaving you with the ability to skip mascara altogether, which is a definite plus, for busy moms or women on the go.  Our patients that have experienced the lash lift service are in love with their results!  I am a licensed aesthetician, trained and certified by Elleebana to offer the Elleebana Lash Lift service.  The chemicals used to lift and tint the lashes are very safe and will not damage the lashes when done correctly, which is why it is important to see a trained, certified Elleebana Lash lift professional.  The results are noticeable and natural, making your eyes look beautiful without the maintenance and cost of artificial lash extensions.  Water and mascara should not be applied to the lashes for 24 hours for maximum results.  Make your appointment today to come see me! – Thanks Maria


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