Your Emotions After Plastic Surgery

shutterstock 1412202866 If you’ve decided to have plastic surgery, it’s safe to assume that you experience feelings of excitement pretty often. Most people do. Having plastic surgery can be a life-changing decision that bolsters one’s sense of self confidence to such an extent that life just feels sweeter. As surgery day approaches, the excitement that builds is often unconsciously expected to last through the recovery process. This expectation can be rattled if, after surgery, the patient encounters feelings of doubt, irritability, and sadness. Fortunately, what is known as postoperative depression is relatively uncommon for plastic surgery patients. However, because it can occur, it’s something we should discuss. We’ll do so here.

Why Would I Feel Sad after Plastic Surgery?

Feeling sad after surgery isn’t a rare occurrence, but it is usually something that is associated with people who’ve had major surgery. It seems logical to experience anxiety and a sense of loss after a procedure like heart surgery or a hysterectomy. But when one chooses to have a procedure that will improve their appearance? There doesn’t seem to be room for negative emotions in this instance unless related to a surgical complication. There is room, and there is an explanation.

Postoperative sadness doesn’t always appear as bouts of crying. In most cases, it presents as:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety about recovery side effects
  • Second-guessing the decision to have surgery
  • Increased emotional sensitivity
  • Missing one’s normal routine
  • Lack of motivation

Sadness after plastic surgery is often exacerbated by confusion. When we expect to feel happy and we don’t, we wonder what has gone wrong. It’s normal and, importantly, it’s temporary. Finally, postoperative sadness is also manageable.

When you know there is a potential for some postoperative blues, you can prepare just in case they strike. Some ways to do this include:

  • Arrange to have some good company during recovery. If supportive friends can’t stop by in person, arrange phone conversations or text chains. This can help you maintain a sense of connection to your regular life.
  • Eat well! Whether you make healthy meals ahead of time and freeze them or you make a list of good delivery options, it is beneficial to mind and body to eat healthy, delicious meals after surgery.
  • Have reminders of your motivation. These can be pictures of your future self or affirmations, or both.

Plastic surgery outcomes override temporary feelings of sadness or anxiety during recovery. But why wait it out? We hope these tips come in handy if needed, and commit to being a supportive aspect of your surgical experience. To schedule a consultation at our Louisville office, call 502-425-5200.

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