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September 8th, 2015
WAVE 3 News
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Dr. Salzman was recently featured in a story on WAVE 3 News about the new non-invasive procedure, Vanquish. This procedure is offered at our practice and is getting great reviews from patients! The title of the story on the WAVE 3 News website is, “Melting the fat away: new procedure shaves inches off your midsection.”

Click here to read the full article and watch the video on the story!

The Importance of Certification in Plastic Surgical Nursing

Dr. Salzman fosters personal and professional growth of his registered nurses. He understands the value of education, administration, and research within his clinical practice. Dr. Salzman employs two registered nurses who are board certified.

Kim Pickard, RN, BSN, CPSN has worked with Dr. Salzman for 13 years. Kim’s area of expertise focuses on invasive surgical procedures. Her current position as Nursing Administrator encompasses supervision of the surgery center, as well as, implementation of nursing protocols.

Suzanne Ramsey, RN, BSN, CPSN, CANS has 13 years of plastic surgical experience. Her knowledge encompasses patient education, pre and post-operative care, and noninvasive procedures. Suzanne’s primary focus presently is the medical spa comprising of many types of lasers, radiofrequency devices and facial injectables. Her extensive knowledge of injectables include Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Perlane, Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, Belotero, Prevelle Silk and Sculptra.

The American Board of Nursing Specialities (ABNS) defines certification as “the formal recognition of the specialized knowledge, skills and experience demonstrated by the achievement of standards identified by a nursing specialty to promote optimal health outcomes” (ABNS, 2004). Obtaining specialty certification validates that a nurse has advanced from an entry level of competency to a higher level of practice encompassing knowledge and clinical judgement (Wilkerson, 2011). Certification promotes public safety, quality nursing care, clinical expertise and professionalism among nursing colleagues, patients and the public (Briggs et al, 2006). Professional recognition for these achievements is provided through certification.

Certified nurses go beyond licensure to validate their specialty knowledge through a rigorous national examination. They are known as clinical experts and are dedicated to providing quality and evidence-based clinical care. Certified nurses are committed to life-long learning, patient advocacy and professional practice. Throughout their career, there is a commitment to continuing competency by reassessing their knowledge through specialized continuing education.

The Plastic Surgical Nurses Certification Board (PSNCB) was established in 1989. The Board’s purpose is to promote the highest standards of plastic surgical nursing practice through the development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of all facets of the certification and recertification processes. The Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse (CPSN) exam is offered to nurses meeting specified criteria. Eligibility to take the exam includes having a minimum of 2 years of plastic surgical nursing experience as a registered nurse in a general staff, administrative, teaching or research capacity within 3 years prior to application and having spent at least 1,000 practice hours in plastic surgical nursing during two of the preceding three years. Recertification through continuing nursing education contact hours is accomplished by accumulating 45 contact hours during a 3 year period of time.

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CoolSculpting® is Here at Salzman Cosmetic Surgery

Coolsculpting® by Zeltiq is a method of cryolipolysis. This uses freezing of fat to destroy it permanently. When Coolsculpting® first came out years ago I was hesitant to jump on board and offer it to my patients for a few reasons. At that time they only offered a small applicator that fit only one area over the abdomen. No other body areas other than a part of the belly could be treated. The concept has changed full circle and now with the addition of several new applicators, the process has migrated to a regimen called “treat to transformation”. The applicators are now overlapped somewhat such that a smoothing effect over the entire surface area of the abdomen can be achieved. Also, with new curved applicator heads, areas such as the hips, thighs and bra strap areas can likewise be treated successfully. The treatment consists of a negative pressure suction applied over the area until the skin and fat are positioned between two metal plates that then cool the area for one hour. The frozen fat is naturally removed from the body resulting in a permanent loss in the area treated. The result is a more sculpted appearance. The process is completely non-invasive and requires no post procedure changes in what you can do as far as work or exercise. The vast majority of patients can have this done while using their computer, watching a movie or simply relaxing in the chair. Side effects are minimal and short lasting. Best candidates for CoolSculpting® are at or near their goal weight and have at least an inch of skin that you can pinch away from the area. Our CoolSculpting® certified technicians can examine you and see if you’re a candidate. Who ever thought losing inches could be so “cool”.

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