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Pro- Nox™ is Here

Salzman Cosmetic Surgery is proud to be the very first physician’s office in Kentucky to implement Pro-Nox™ to its aesthetic plastic surgery practice. Pro-Nox™ is a novel system that delivers a 50% mixture of Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen through a patient controlled inhalational mouthpiece. This mixture of gases is used to provide anxiety and pain relief from commonly performed in office cosmetic procedures. Pro-Nox™ can be used in cosmetic procedures such as lasers, micro needling devices, tattoo removal, injectables, laser liposuction, Kybella™ and many others. Just about any procedure we do in our cosmetic practice in which there can be some discomfort or anxiety can be made more comfortable by using the Pro-Nox™ system. This 50% mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen has been proven safe and effective and has been used by dentists and obstetricians for decades. The patient administers the gas under their control by simply breathing in with the device inside the lips. The onset is within seconds thereby providing immediate relief. The effect is of short duration and is out of the body within minutes. This will eliminate in some patients the need for oral anxiolytic medications such as Valium. The patient can then drive themselves both to and from the appointment. We think this will drastically improve our patient experience for many of the procedures done for aesthetic improvement in the Salzman cosmetic surgery and spa office. Should you have any questions about Pro-Nox™ please call the office and speak to one of our associates.

Exilis Ultra 360: Your Solution to Sagging Skin

Are you noticing that your skin is looser than it used to be? As we age, out skin loses its elasticity, which can cause lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin on many areas of the body. While there are surgical procedures that can correct sagging skin, such as body lifts, many individuals are not ready for an invasive surgery. In these cases, Exilis Ultra 360 can help to tighten skin, non-invasively.

How Exilis Ultra 360 Works

Exilis Ultra 360 is a skin tightening treatment created by BTL Aesthetics, who are also the creators of Exilis and Exilis Elite. By combining radiofrequency with ultrasound, this treatment provides controlled cooling and heating to tighten the skin without surgery. The process stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, for smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin.

Areas It Can Treat

But what if you have sagging skin that’s not on the face? No problem! The Exilis Ultra 360 treatment is extremely versatile, able to treat almost any area of the body, including the eyes, mouth, chin, jaw, arms, décolleté, male breasts, back, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, knees and elbows and ankles.

Is Exilis Ultra 360 Safe?

The short answer is yes- it is very safe! Exilis Ultra 360 is FDA-cleared and is associated with no pain, no needles, and no side effects. Not only does the device use safe, controlled heating, the handpiece turns off automatically if it not in contact with the skin. The treatment is so safe that patients are not even required to wear eyewear.

If you are interested in tightening sagging skin without invasive surgery, Exilis Ultra 360 could be your solution! Contact Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa in Louisville today to schedule your consultation today.


Introducing HydraFacial MD

In my over twenty years in the field of medical skin care, I’ve never been so excited about one treatment as I am the Hydrafacial MD.  This amazing device has been all over the press, in top magazines, on TV shows like the Doctors, endorsed by celebrities, and won awards left and right.  In 2015 it won Beauty Choices “Best In-Office Facial Treatment” and rightfully so; the Hydrafacial MD has become a game changer.

An advanced form of a professional facial and microdermabrasion (without using crystals or causing abrasion) Hydrafacial MD is a customizable treatment that gives, dull, aged, damaged and even acne prone skin a complexion that is plumper, firmer, brighter and younger looking.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes and is totally painless.  There’s no downtime, its effective for all skin types and provides immediate results.

Using a patented technology called Vortex-Fusion Serum Delivery System this multi-step treatment cleanses, exfoliates, provides a light peel and extracts impurities and dead skin cells while replenishing the skin with much needed nutrients, such as, antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.  These ingredients fight environmental damage, help to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, promoting plumping and firming of the skin for results you can feel and see.  It is totally customizable for every patient.

It’s your skin, your time and our commitment to provide only the best in skin health advancements for our patients.  We are pleased to announce the newest version of the Hydrafacial MD is now available at Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa.

Is it worth trying, absolutely, I’ve had two, and I have loved the look and feel of my skin after each one.  Call and schedule your Hydrafacial MD at 502-425-5200 today.

Karen Walters

Licensed Skin Care Professional

Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa featured in January 2016 Issue of Today’s Woman Magazine

Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa was a Finalist in Today’s Woman January 2016 issue “Best For You” Reshape/Contouring list of cosmetic surgery practices! Read the full excerpt below or click here to view the digital version of the January 2016 issue!

“There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to getting rid of unwanted fat and improving the contour of the face or body. ‘One of the advantages of going to a plastic surgeon is that depending on what the patient needs, we can offer everything from invasive procedures like a tummy tuck to less invasive laser liposuction to completely non-invasive modalities like heating and killing fat cells with Vanquish treatments,’ says Dr. Marc Salzman. The board-certified plastic surgeon has recently added the CoolSculpting PLUS to his arsenal. ‘I think it’s the latest and greatest thing in non-invasive fat reduction,’ he says.”


Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa featured on WAVE 3 News

September 8th, 2015
WAVE 3 News
Focus On Health

Dr. Salzman was recently featured in a story on WAVE 3 News about the new non-invasive procedure, Vanquish. This procedure is offered at our practice and is getting great reviews from patients! The title of the story on the WAVE 3 News website is, “Melting the fat away: new procedure shaves inches off your midsection.”

Click here to read the full article and watch the video on the story!

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Our New Location

After 22 years in the same location, we have finally moved! Our new location at 4702 Chamberlain Lane, Louisville, KY 40241 with 8,000 square feet was designed around the way our practice has changed over the last two decades. We have added a state-of-the-art operating room, three private pre and post-op recovery suites as well as additional capacity for both our surgical patients and medical spa clients.

Derek Engineering and Barry Wooley Designs have done an exceptional job at constructing and finishing a lush, beautiful office environment that has had very positive first impressions in the few weeks that we have been open. We have added new staff in both nursing and administrative support to streamline our delivery of exceptionally compassionate, caring and skilled services of our surgical spa treatments. In the near future, we will be adding additional appointment times in the early mornings, evenings and Saturdays. All of us at Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa are excited about our new space and we hope to see our established patients as well as new patients in this beautiful new space soon!

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Plastic surgery practice moving to Louisville’s ‘new epicenter’

We are moving to a new location that will open on Monday, December 15th! The new location will be in the East End of Louisville and will be twice as large as our previous office space!

Louisville Business First wrote a short article on the move, click the link below to read it!

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Her Scene | Head-to-toe guide to pre-Kentucky Derby plastic

The Courier-Journal
April 18, 2014

While we’ve all seen the occasional celebrity show up on a red carpet with expressions eerily frozen or skin looking suspiciously waxen, our local doctors say we’ve gotten much smarter than that. “This whole weird dynamic of patients coming in with completely unrealistic expectations has really diminished,” says Dr. Tami Cassis, a cosmetic dermatologist in Norton Commons. “It’s amazing to me how people have become more educated. Ten years ago, people were coming in the day before Derby asking for Botox. I don’t see that as much anymore.”

To continue the intelligent medical consumer trend, we’ve compiled a list of the most-sought-after procedures and problem-solvers for the pre-Derby season and asked doctors to help set realistic expectations about timing and results.

LIP AND FACE PLUMPERS: A lot of people like to plump up lips and concave areas in the weeks before Derby — to get a younger, firmer, fuller look. “Fillers (like Juverderm Ultra Plus, Restylane, Radiesse, Purlane and Voluma) can be used to plump the face and to fill in folds and wrinkles,” says Dr. Marc Salzman, a cosmetic surgeon at Salzman Institute of Cosmetic Surgery. “They have very little downtime and can have an immediate effect.”

But waiting until a day — or even a week — before is risky. “You want at least two weeks, so your physician can do a followup,” says Dr. Cassis. “It gives any bruising time to heal. You can have a little bruising, swelling, edema, and you want to give it all a little time to go down.” Sometimes, you can even see the injection sites. Instead of spackling them with concealer, our doctors suggest that you schedule the appointments a couple of weeks before the event in question so you get the full benefit without any side effects.

CHEEKS: While the focus used to be more on freezing wrinkles, new fillers have shifted things a bit. The new thinking among doctors and their patients is that restoring volume in the middle of the face can act as a non-surgical face lift, giving the whole face a more youthful look. (It’s often done in combination with Botox so patients can eliminate wrinkles while plumping other areas.) “Injectable fillers are the best prior to any big event. We offer so many different fillers today. Voluma is one new filler and that’s great for quick results,” says Dr. Nana Mizuguchi, a cosmetic surgeon at Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center. “It’s great for cheeks and it’s one of the most popular procedures for addressing volume loss.” That said, potential bruising, injection sites and swelling don’t make it a morning of appointment. “Two weeks is really what you need for injectables to make sure you’re really healed,” says Dr. Cassis.

WRINKLES: While Botox parties and popularity make it seem like you can pop into a doctor’s office on the way to the track, that’s really not the case. “You can do Botox a month before — or at least two weeks before,” says Dr. Cassis. “Always have that little bit of recovery time built in. You may have a little redness. Or bruising. Or you may need a little more. And it takes time for the Botox to kick in.”

COMPLEXION: Sloughing off dead skin, fine lines and surface sun damage can brighten up your complexion and improve the annual Derby photos. “Facials and light peels would be great for the week leading up to Derby events — they give the skin a more radiant appearance,” says Dr. Salzman. It’s one of the late-in-the-game treatments that our doctors recommended most often. “The week of, I think a light chemical peel to give yourself a good glow and a spray tan two to three days before,” says Dr. Cassis. “That’s what’s going to give you the most bang for your buck, not the injectables.”

LEGS: While some firming can possibly be accomplished in a month’s time, unfortunately, according to our experts, removal of veins cannot. “Leg veins really take some time to dissipate — sometimes up to eight weeks,” says Dr. Salzman. “So whether you sclerose (harden) them with an injectable agent … or treat them with a laser, the vein may still be visible and swollen — making it look worse for a couple of weeks.” The smartest move would be to play it safe and schedule vein treatments at least six to eight weeks prior to an event where you plan on showing your legs. (In other words, it’s too late for this Derby.)

THIGHS, HIPS, MID-SECTION: While many of us have had the fantasy of simply sucking out problem areas before slipping into a dress, that’s not the reality. Liposuction may be a lunchtime procedure, but the recovery isn’t at all instantaneous — often requiring a couple of weeks.

That said, there are some potentially faster fixes, if you temper your expectations. Some doctors are reporting fairly quick results from non-invasive body sculpting procedures like Cool Sculpting, Vanquish and Vaser Shape. These treatments are typically offered in packages of multiple treatments because it can take anywhere from three to eight appointments to see optimal results, but visible changes are sometimes seen earlier. “The effect of one or two Vanquish treatments can be seen in as early as two weeks,” says Dr. Salzman. “Since there is no downtime, they can be done even the week of Derby.” (As long as you’re not disappointed if you don’t see a really noticeable reduction until you’ve completed your full set of visits.) “With any of these sculpting treatments that come in a series, one treatment is not going to give you the most bang for your buck,” says Dr. Cassis. “If you start now, you may not be there by Derby, but you’ll be ready for swimsuit season.”

FACE FIRMERS: Once upon a time, the only solution to sagging, lax skin was snipping it with a scalpel. More recently, doctors have been using some of the same technology used in body-contouring treatments to firm and tighten the face. This technology is still new and results are varied. But visible side effects are virtually non-existent: “I think any radiofrequency tightening devices can allow for neck firming and facial toning,” says Dr. Salzman. “This can be performed the morning of Derby and still look great; it can certainly be done the day or week before.”

CAVEATS: Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean that it should. “I would really question anyone who tells you they’ll inject you the day before Derby and you’re going to look youthful tomorrow,” says Dr. Cassis. “You need to do your homework. If someone is making really big promises of instant results with absolutely no side effects, you should think twice.” And no matter when you decide to do a procedure, a consultation should come before it. “My best advice would be to encourage the person, man or woman, to schedule a consultation,” says Dr. Mizuguchi. “Most people are unsure of what they want or need. There are so many options available it can become confusing.” In other words: You may think you’re in a rush and the procedures may be quick, but the decision shouldn’t be. Sleep on it. You don’t want to spend more time choosing the right dress and hat than you did choosing the right doctor or the best strategy for your face.


Other than scheduling a consultation with a reputable doctor and sleeping on your decision, these are the pre-procedure tips Dr. Cassis offers her patients to guarantee the best possible outcome from procedures.

“Discuss your vitamin, medicine and skincare regimen with your doctor to avoid any possible contraindications.”

“Take ibuprofen or aspirin. They help reduce swelling and inflammation.”

“Stop taking vitamin E and ginseng a week or two before. They can thin your blood and increase the chance of bruising.”

“Ice before … and after.”

“Don’t drink the night before. It dehydrates you and increases visible side effects.”

Check out the story online here!

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